5 Best Table Saw Under $300

Best Table Saw Under 300

A table saw can make it much easier if you need to cut wood. Buying a table saw under $300 can save you money while still getting the job done. The best table saw under $300 can help you make precise cuts and finish your projects more quickly.

Finding the best table saw under $300 can be difficult because you want to ensure you get a good value for your money. Some cheaper table saws may not be as durable or have as many features as more expensive models. It’s important to research and read reviews to make an informed decision.

We have reviewed many table saws under $300 and can help you find one that fits your needs. Whether you need a saw for a specific project or just general woodworking, we can recommend a reliable and efficient option. Choosing the right table saw under $300 saves you money while still getting the job done well.

Top 5 Table Saws Under 300 Dollar

DEWALT DWE7485WS Compact Jobsite Table Saw

This DeWalt table saw is undoubtedly one of the Best Table Saws Under $300 on the market. Its precision and power are unmatched in its price range. Its compact 8-1/4 inch design offers both portability and capability.

DEWALT DWE7485WS 8-1/4 in. Compact Jobsite Table Saw With StandFirst, its powerful motor and high RPM allow for smooth, accurate cuts through various materials. This ensures users get clean, professional results. Second, the rack and pinion telescoping fence system guarantees precise and consistent cuts, boosting user confidence and project quality. Lastly, its lightweight and portable design makes it an excellent choice for contractors or DIY enthusiasts who need mobility without sacrificing performance.

This table saw is best suited for professionals and serious DIYers. Its quality and features make it an attractive choice for those who require a dependable, portable table saw. It’s recommended.


  • Powerful motor
  • Precision fence system
  • Portable and compact
  • Reliable DeWalt brand
  • Durable construction


  • No built-in stand
  • Limited table space

Goplus 10-Inch 15-Amp Portable Table Saw

The Goplus 10 Inch Table Saw is a standout choice as the Best Table Saw Under $300, offering a balance of affordability and functionality. This saw is perfect for budget-conscious users who still need a reliable cutting tool.

Goplus Table Saw, 10-Inch 15-Amp Portable Table Saw, 36T Blade, Cutting Speed Up to 5000RPM, 45º Double-Bevel Cut, Aluminum Table, Benchtop Table Saw with Metal Stand, Sliding Miter GaugeThree notable features of the Goplus Table Saw are its 10-inch blade, powerful motor, and adjustable cutting depth. The larger blade size allows for cutting larger materials, making it versatile. The motor provides ample power for efficient cutting, and the adjustable cutting depth allows users to customize their cuts precisely. This flexibility is a significant advantage for DIYers and hobbyists.

This table saw is most suitable for budget-conscious DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists. It offers a cost-effective solution without compromising performance, making it a worthwhile choice for users in this category.


  • Affordable price
  • 10-inch blade
  • Adjustable cutting depth
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Compact design


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty tasks
  • Limited extra features

Best All-Rounder: SKIL SPT99T-01 8-1/4 Inch Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

The SKILSAW SPT99T-01 earns its place as one of the Best Table Saws Under $300 due to its exceptional all-around performance. This table saw combines power, precision, and portability in a single package.

SKIL SPT99T-01 8-1/4 Inch Portable Worm Drive Table SawThree standout features of the SKILSAW SPT99T-01 are its powerful 15-amp motor, the worm drive gearing for smooth and consistent cuts, and the self-aligning rip fence for precision. The robust motor can handle various materials effortlessly, from hardwood to plywood.

The worm drive gearing minimizes kickback and provides remarkable cutting stability. The self-aligning rip fence guarantees accurate, straight cuts every time, enhancing the user’s confidence and project quality.

This table saw is ideal for professionals and DIYers seeking a versatile tool for various projects. Its affordability, performance, and features make it a highly recommended choice.


  • Powerful 15-amp motor
  • Worm drive gearing for stability
  • Self-aligning rip fence
  • Portable and compact
  • Affordable price


  • Limited extra features
  • Not suitable for extremely heavy-duty tasks

Best Value: SKIL 10 Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw with Folding Stand- TS6307-00

The SKIL TS6307-00 10 10-inch Table Saw is an excellent choice for those looking for great value for their money. It’s a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on essential features.

SKIL 15 Amp 10 Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw with Folding Stand- TS6307-00Three prominent features of the SKIL TS6307-00 are its 15-amp motor, 10-inch blade for versatile cutting, and quick-folding stand for convenience. The powerful motor ensures efficient cutting through various materials, making it suitable for various projects. The 10-inch blade allows users to cut larger materials with ease. The quick-folding stand provides portability and easy setup, saving time and effort.

This table saw is best suited for budget-conscious DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists. It’s a practical choice for users looking for affordability without sacrificing essential functions.


  • Affordable price
  • Powerful 15-amp motor
  • Versatile 10-inch blade
  • Quick-folding stand
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Limited additional features
  • Not designed for heavy-duty tasks

Most Versatile: Milwaukee Electric Tools 2736-21HD Table Saw Tool

The Milwaukee 2736-21HD Battery Table Saw stands out as one of the most versatile options in the market. Its cordless design and remarkable features make it a top choice for users seeking mobility and flexibility.

Milwaukee Electric Tools 2736-21HD Table Saw ToolThree key features of the Milwaukee 2736-21HD are its cordless, battery-powered operation, large rip capacity for cutting wide materials, and advanced safety features. The cordless design provides unparalleled mobility, ideal for job sites or workshops without easy access to power outlets.

The large rip capacity allows for cutting wider materials, increasing versatility. Advanced safety features ensure user protection and peace of mind.

This table saw is perfect for professionals and contractors who need mobility and versatility. Its cordless operation and cutting capacity make it a reliable tool for various job site applications.


  • Cordless, battery-powered
  • Large rip capacity
  • Advanced safety features
  • Excellent for job sites
  • High portability


  • Higher price point
  • Battery and charger may not be included

These table saws cater to different user needs, making them the top choices in their categories of Best Overall and Best Under $300. Users can select the one that aligns with their budget and requirements.

How To Choose The Best Table Saw Under $300

Table saws are essential for woodworking enthusiasts, but not everyone can afford a high-end model. Fortunately, many great table saws under $300 offer excellent performance and features. This article will explore the important factors to consider when choosing the best table saw under $300.

1. Motor Power

The motor power is a critical factor to consider when choosing a table saw. The higher the motor power, the more capable the saw is of cutting through thicker and denser materials. For a table saw under $300, look for a motor power of at least 15 amps.

2. Blade Size

The blade size is another important consideration. A larger blade can handle bigger projects, but it also means a bigger saw. Look for a 10-inch blade for general woodworking, as it offers a good balance between power and portability.

3. Cutting depth

The cutting depth is the maximum thickness of material the saw can cut through. Consider the thickness of the materials you will be working with and choose a saw that can accommodate them. A cutting depth of at least 3 inches is recommended for most projects.

4. Rip capacity

The rip capacity is the maximum distance between the saw blade and the fence. The wider the rip capacity, the easier it is to work with larger materials. Look for a saw with a rip capacity of at least 24 inches.

5. Table Size and Stability

The table size and stability are important factors to consider. A larger table provides more workspace, while a stable table ensures accurate and safe cuts. Look for a table at least 20 inches long and made of sturdy materials.

6. Dust Collection

Dust collection is a feature that can make your woodworking experience more pleasant. Look for a saw with a dust collection port connected to a vacuum or dust collector to keep your workspace clean and safe.

7. Blade Adjustment

Adjusting the blade height and angle is important for making precise cuts. Look for a saw with easy-to-use adjustment mechanisms that allow you to make quick and accurate adjustments.

8. Safety Features

Safety features are crucial for any power tool, and a table saw is no exception. Look for a saw with a blade guard, a riving knife, and anti-kickback pawls to ensure safe operation.

When choosing the best table saw under $300, consider the motor power, blade size, cutting depth, rip capacity, table size and stability, dust collection, blade adjustment, and safety features. One recommended model is the SKIL 3410-02, which offers a powerful motor, 10-inch blade, 3.5-inch cutting depth, 24-inch rip capacity, and a sturdy table. It also features a dust collection port, easy blade adjustment, and safety features such as a blade guard and a receiving knife.

By considering these important factors, you can choose the best table saw under $300 that meets your needs and helps you create impressive woodworking projects.

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