5 Best Table Saw Fence 2020

Best Table Saw FenceA table saw rip fence adds a variety of advantages to you. It helps you to make the safer cutting process and keeps the wood straight.

It holds the individual side of the wood and prevents the chances of cutting your hand. You can make the actual table saw rip fence for your table saw.

You can quickly get a brand new fence with the help of some scrap wood and technique to construct it. Then you can use this new table saw rip fence in your workshop.

5 Best Table Saw Fence 2020

Bestseller No. 1
Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails
  • Fits saws with 27-inch tables
Bestseller No. 3
Bestseller No. 4
Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw Fence
  • Precision lens cursor for pinpoint accuracy and dimensions-mounting rail is 26 inch(660mm) long, fence is 18 inch (457mm) long
Bestseller No. 5

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There is a large variety of table saw rip fence available in the market. They are versatile and range in quality.

Some rip fence is already added to the design of the table saw, and some come in extra add-ons with the table saw so that you can design your own desired table saw rip fence.

Professionals use solid and heavy rip fences that are adjustable so that they can change the size of the dimension as per their desire. These can be locked and are very easy and accurate in working.

If the table saw rip fence is available in light and smaller design, then there will be fewer options and specifications in their design, and you have to compromise a lot in your work.

You should not use the delicate table saw rip fences because they are dangerous, and it is very difficult to adjust them.

Build the Fence:

To make the fence, you may need to cut out the accurate triangle from the plywood. The side lengths of the triangle must be 15 inches x 20inches x 25inches.

Now glue the 30 inches long side of the triangle along with the 20-inches side and fix them with the wood glue. This is the main part of the fence. Leave it overnight so that the glue is completely dried.

Assemble the Clamp:

Install the three lockups in their proper holes to collect the table saw clamp along the length of the base part of the table saw clamp body.

Now you place the top part on the peak of the base part. Now you have to drill the holes at the 20 inches side so that it matches the three lockups in the clamp.

Install the Fence:

Slip the table saw clamp above the guide bar at the boundary of the table saw.

To utilize the fence, slip the fence to the preferred space from the saw blade and then constrict the arm nuts on each one of the three clamp locks to grip the fence in position.

Set the border of the board beside the fence and then slip the board through the saw blade to grant a safe, perfect cut.

The most valuable tool needed in the wood workshop is the table saw rip fence. It is the only tool that helps to do the ripping and slicing of the substances into the finest proportions.

This is the best tool to perform this kind of job. The rip fence runs just parallel to the blade. One side of the wood piece passes through the blade, and the other side remains in touch with the rip fence.

The dimension of the piece obtained after the cutting is determined by the space between the blade and the fence.

Simple Add-ONS:

Use the safest and secure way to add the simple add-ons in the rip fence, which can involve attaching or clamping a piece of wood with the side of the fence so that it is leveled to blade. You can simply be used drilled holes to clamp your rip fence properly.