Singer 7258 Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine Review

Singer 7258 ReviewSinger 7258 stylist offers many interesting features for you who are interested in creating things by sewing, either for leisure or hobbies.

Holding the name as a reputable sewing machine brand, Singer 7258 is a breakthrough with features and modern systems. Quality product delivery for decades is what makes Singer machine a reliable reference for sewing with the heavy-duty motor.

Even so, you do not expect the outdated granny sewing machine because Singer 7258 stylist has such an ultramodern look. Today, creating gifts and garments is more exciting, then.

Singer 7258 sewing machine is certainly a new type of modern sewing machine that is designed to help you have better operation and implementation in making clothes or other stuff.

The Singer 7258 variant does come with better technologies and system that allows you to have faster, better, and more improved operation. You may think that this Singer 7258 is just the same as other sewing machines, but wait until you can operate it at your convenience. Sewing has never been more fun anymore!

The Convenience

This particular Singer 7258 sewing machine comes with great easiness and flexibility. It is like an automatic machine that can do it all. You can have your different stitching patterns with every style you want. You can even make your buttonholes with the professional and perfect finishing touch.

This Singer sewing machine 7258 comes with easy implementation and operation. You can simply sew, quilt, do decorative sewing, and make craft objects by pushing the already available button. The button comes with stitching selection that can be alternated as your heart desires. You don’t need to adjust or change anything; simply put the fabric or the clothes that you want to sew, and you are good to go.

The machine comes with automatic and precise settings for the width, length, and also the tension; you don’t need to deal with that complicated process anymore. You can even choose whether you want your needles to stay up or down when the device stops with the programmable setting.

The Automatic Setting

Another great advantage of having this Singer 7258 sewing machine is the fact that the device has automatic implementation so you can have very easy access to cute, attractive, and adorable stitching patterns. Simply choose a particular pattern, and you are good to go.

The automatic operation of the Singer Stylist 7258 sewing machine also applicable to all areas, from the method of choosing the bobbin, the patterns, and even the way the needles will stop after each stitching. You are also given various options of stitching patterns and buttonholes designs – among few others – so you can always expect your result to be nice and perfect.

Nice and Easy Setting

The Singer 7258 is packed with the newest and also the high-end technologies. The overall design and look are very compact and lightweight, but you can’t underestimate the technologies that are packed within the machine.

Unlike the regular and traditional sewing machine, this particular machine has an automatic setting and programmable computer system that will make all the operation easier. You don’t need to have sewing skills just to operate the machine.

You can always consult the manual book and try to experiment with different stitching patterns and also buttonholes designs. Everything is arranged to the maximum enjoyment and comfort of the users, so it is a very user-friendly device. Those are the reasons why the Singer 7258 Stylist is very powerful and handy.

The Availability of Patterns

Another great thing about this Singer Stylist 7258 is the fact that it comes packed with different kinds of patterns and designs, which you can choose automatically from the storage database.

You can make use of the 100 different stitching options, eight expanded stitching designs, ten different presser feet options, and six different buttonholes design.

There are also the available and ready width and length of the stitching pattern that runs automatically so you will have an easier and simpler operation. With all these easiness and flexibilities, you don’t have to be an expert in the sewing field to produce the perfect and flawless result.

The Overall Benefits and Perks

With this Singer Stylist 7258 sewing machine, you can always style up your clothes or fabric so they won’t look plain. You can also make use of the available features and specs to make your plain-looking clothes look more attractive and interesting. The basic benefits you can enjoy from having this Singer 7258 sewing machine are:

  • You can always insert the bobbin in and out for easier threading. The bobbin also comes with a clear cover so you can always monitor what is going on inside
  • You can get detailed information from the user manual as well as the DVD guidance that comes with easy step by step system. That’s why this device is good for both beginners and advanced users because you don’t have to own certainly skills in sewing to achieve a good results.
  • You can make use of automatic and programmable settings and systems for better and easier operation.

Moreover, the speed control slider provides you the speed control you want after you attach the foot; and the Start/Stop button is conveniently located for you to stop singer stylists using the finger you use to feed the fabric. There are no other words than the machine produces wonderful stitches for the singer 7258 stylists.

Furthermore, there is also onboard storage for you to store things. Embellishing or decorating some items are now easier and provide you with the liberty of having great appealing choices.

Consider how easy the manual is, how various the features is and the patters for fashion sewing, heirloom, quilting, home, and decorative sewing crafts that are very impressive for some people, and also how quiet the machine is.

For those people, this machine is a treasure they will keep. This 16 pounds sewing machine is considered the best for even those who are not trained in using the Singer 7258 Stylist or any other sewing machine.

Features and Specifications

For every artisan, Singer sewing machine is a highly trusted working device. Various built-in stitches facilitating for home, heirloom, quilting, decorative, fashion, and craft sewing in Singer 7258 sewing machine are exceptional features you can find in no other machines. Singer 7258 is equipped with these features and specification:

  • Features: reverse stitch, built-in LED light, computerized, free arm, built-in storage, length-width adjustments, fitted thread cutter, multi-style buttonhole, preset needle threading, zigzag taper, six feeding system segments, electronic start-stop, aluminum frame, portable
  • Includes:  spool holder, seam ripper, screwdriver, manual, feed cover, bobbins, additional presser feet
  • Stitch types: buttonhole, decorative
  • Stitch pattern quantity: 100
  • Stitches per-minute: 750
  • Bobbin type: the top drop-in
  • Buttonhole: 1 step
  • Presser’s feet includes: darning and embroidery, overcast, general-purpose, zipper, rolled hem, buttonhole, blind stitch
  • Dimensions: 7.5 depth, 15.0 width, 12.0 height
  • Weight: 14.75 pound


Singer 7258 sewing machine offers huge value, indeed. The new home sewing machine has digital functions, unlike other ordinary home sewing machines. These are some reasons why Singer 7258 is so preferable.

  • The instructional manual is very good, quite detailed, and so easily understood for beginners.
  • Compared to any other brands, the Singer machine does not produce that much noise. There have been no complaints whatsoever on the aspect so far.
  • You can choose the stitches options without problems.
  • You can sew even without the foot pedal.
  • The stretch stitches are integrated.
  • You have a twisted taper at the center.
  • The capacity of the twin needle is available.
  • There are 13 different needle positions.
  • You will love the optimal power control.
  • The feeding system is available in six segments.
  • It has an aluminum frame.
  • You will also love the lifetime Stay-Bright LED
  • Starting and stopping the machine is automatic.


There is almost no single flaw in this one of the best sewing machines around the globe. Still, some minor disadvantages, for which you may prefer other terms, are discoverable. Regardless of the aluminum frame, some parts are built from soft, less sturdy plastic.

Additionally, although Singer 7258 manual is included, especially with a clear description for the automatic set-up, one or two beginners may find it difficult to operate the machine due to the various features. Indeed, digital machine for sewing seems so sophisticated that the handling can be quite challenging for some people.

When compared to other more expensive sewing machines, this Singer Stylist 7258 is certainly nice and promising. Even the manual book is very helpful and provides a detailed description and explanation of the device and how to operate it.

Some users, however, may experience rather an awkward usage of the bobbin, but other than that, they don’t encounter any problems at all. Not only this machine is highly handy and beneficial, but it is also affordable and economical.

All in all, you can certainly enjoy great benefits and flexibility with this 7258 Singer sewing machine.

The Verdict

Overall, the Singer 7258 Stylist is a very good and powerful device.

Most users claim that they are very satisfied with the machine performance, not to mention that the device comes at very affordable tag price.

If you want to have a powerful sewing machine with an economical price, Singer 7258 is certainly the best option.