Best String Trimmer 2020 – Top 10 Weed Wacker Reviews

Best String TrimmerString trimmers are essential accessories for all homeowners. These machines are noticed for their abilities to ease a worry-free way of removing unwanted plant growing, weeds, and tall grass in your yard.

What makes these products unique is the reality they can obtain the areas of your yard. A lawnmower would be hard-pressed to reach.

A nice and professional trimmer keeping the lawn perfect and can help you to begin with confidence any task, large or little, in the back yard.

The string trimmer will pick up where a lawnmower leaves off, providing the finishing touches as it straightens irregular borders along with drives, whisks away grass around flower beds and trees, and trims gardens of yard tractor or your mower can not reach.

Are you stressed and fatigued by tending lawns?

Is your work time double because of those pesky cords that tangle and keep you from your actual work?

It is tired of the starters that take great effort and multiple tugs to start the engine?

Are you looking for the right edger to get the job done swiftly and effectively?

But there are many kinds of string trimmer in the market, and it is a difficult task to find a suitable one.

Lucky, we’ve found the best string trimmer if you are trying to find info regarding string trimmers.

Besides, we supply string trimmer reviews and unbiased Evaluations that will help you select the right string trimmer for your requirements.

The 10 Best String Trimmer On The Market

Here is our listing of the top-rated string trimmers below:

SaleBestseller No. 2
SaleBestseller No. 3
WORX GT 3.0 20V Cordless Grass Trimmer/Edger with Command Feed
  • No-Load Speed 7600/min.Cutting Diameter 12 inches .Line Diameter 0.065 inches
SaleBestseller No. 4
Black & Decker 20V MAX Lithium String Trimmer/Edger Plus Sweeper Combo Kit, 10"
  • Sweeper is ideal for clearing driveways, sidewalks, decks, garages
Bestseller No. 5
BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Sweeper & String Trimmer Combo Kit (LCC340C)
  • LST140 40 Volt MAX String Trimmer/Edger with POWER DRIVE high torque transmission for clean, fast cuts
Bestseller No. 6
GreenWorks G-MAX 40V Cordless String Trimmer and Leaf Blower Combo Pack STBA40B210
  • Up to 45 minutes of run time with fully charged 2.0AH Battery, battery and charger included
SaleBestseller No. 8
Bestseller No. 10
WORX WG154 Edger 20V 10" Cordless String Trimmer
  • Convert trimmer easily to an edger and vise versa in seconds

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1.Black & Decker LST136W

Black & Decker LST136W is a model of their string trimmer which can be converted to an edger.

This is a lightweight cordless trimmer, and this makes for great portability during work. You’ll have the capacity to work for hours with the tool without being weighed down by the weight of the trimmer or becoming tired.

The 40V lithium-ion battery of the merchandise is effective at generating a fair quantity of electricity to maintain the apparatus running.

Whirling the motor using a torque of 8500 RPM, the trimmer is capable of keeping your yard at a carpeting amount and bringing down tenacious grasses.

The battery charger can easily recharge the battery to give you the electricity needed to trim your grass and is extremely successful.

I you decided to get a cordless string trimmer, the Black & Decker LST136W is an alternative for you. It is reliable as well as quality merchandise. Highly Recommend!

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2.GreenWorks 21212

The GreenWorks 21212 is a practical and affordable electrical string trimmer with a 4-amp motor. It can do a lot with its fundamental characteristic bundle and is astonishingly versatile.

It is pretty fundamental to its characteristic bundle, which is something that you might expect from a weed eater that is low-cost, but it manages to do a lot with its attributes.

It is a corded string trimmer so that you’ll need a long extension cord that is enough to adapt your lawn. On the plus side, this also means you will not have to worry about recharging the battery or running out of electricity midway through the occupation.

The 13-inch cut path is a great size that will manage a lot of the cutting and trimming in your lawn. The rotating shaft rotates so the trimmer can turn down or on its side to edge.

Besides, it has a single-line auto line feed so that you will not have to worry about fixing every time to the spool.

As with all products by GreenWorks, this trimmer has the additional advantage of being safe for the surroundings. GreenWorks prides itself on manufacturing products that are not going to discharge carbon emissions into the atmosphere and have a carbon footprint of zero.

Overall, GreenWorks 21212 is the most economical electrical trimmer. The four-year guarantee is rather generous in the event you’ve some problems.

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3.Makita XRU02Z

The Makita XRU02Z is a solid quality cordless string trimmer.

It is lightweight, comfortable to utilize, and offers many alterations that are useful like leaning head, an edger or telescopic shaft, and additionally the compatibility with all the wide-ranging 18V tools set of the Makita.

The XRU02Z offers all the benefits of cordless string trimmers, complete freedom of movement, no messing with the wire, and winding it up after trimming or changing wall sockets.

It’s lightweight, well balanced, and comfortable to use, a shoulder strap is added as the tool is light enough, but you will not likely need it.

For an 18V tool, it provides quite a plenty of power – for clean-up or medium trouble occupations, it’s fully satisfactory. Of course, it can not be compared to gasoline weed whackers. Additionally, it is predetermined by the smaller cutting swath for these jobs.

The trimmer uses lump feed to progress the line, which functions nicely. So – no comfy auto-feed system this time, but on the other hand, there will not be any issues with squandering too much line.

Overall, if you won’t find a solid weed eater mainly for lighter or medium jobs, getting the Makita XRU02Z is best. Lightweight, with enough power and useful adjustments, it will be a good growth to your 18V range.

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4.Toro 51480 Corded Electric Edger

The Toro 51480 is a strong electrical weed eater for an excellent cost, which additionally comes with a great edger function with a wheel that is directing.

It begins with a push of a button fairly inexpensive, quiet, and does not need care or coping with batteries or fuel. On the flip side, the extension cord limits you so that you will not get the independence typical for battery or gasoline.

This corded trimmer provides plenty of power. It can not be compared to petrol units, of course, but it is entirely adequate for routine trimming or edging occupations on your garden, it cuts through thick weeds or tall grass without any issues.

As other electrical weed eaters, the Toro 51480 features an edger alteration, to change between trimming and edging in several seconds, it uses a straightforward touch and wind mechanism.

A good plus is, besides, the small built-in the wheel as you do not have to bear the whole weight of the machine – helpful.

Other adjustments include a telescopic shaft and setting the place of the handle fit your height and to get the best balance, and great news for taller folks is the fact that it expands to be cozy even for individuals above 6 feet.

If you’re buying great string trimmer for a moderate or small-sized garden, we can urge you this Toro 51480, strong, user-friendly, with several alterations that are useful and not heavy.

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Dewalt is a top name in the power tool business, as well as the DCST920P1 string trimmer is a testament to the quality this brand is famous for.

With patented gear drive a brushless motor, lightweight, and ergonomic design, this trimmer can get the job done without causing exhaustion and without needing to recharge mid-occupation.

Powered by battery, the DCST920P1 is a cordless, mobile trimmer using a lightweight of only 8.5 pounds. Unlike other string trimmers, your arms will not wear out if you are taking on a large job.

The brushless motor offers motor efficiency and the best durability. Quite precise power control is additionally provided by the DCST920P1, thanks to a variable cause. The High/Low-speed control also gives you a better run time direction.

Among the key advantages of the DCST920P1 is that battery-powered it’s. It does not create any fumes, and you will not have to worry about combining gas.

It is not difficult to start up, also, to get to work quicker. The ergonomic layout and the lightweight of the trimmer makes it simple to utilize, plus it feels balanced in your hands.

All in all, the Dewalt DCST920P1 is a long-lasting, dependable, and strong string trimmer that may handle just about any job – modest or large.

It is compatible with most 20V batteries. Thus you can begin using this trimmer immediately in the event you have a few on hand.

In general, it does a fantastic job trimming and edging, and we’d highly advise this trimmer to any homeowner.

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6.Black & Decker LC3K220

If you are interested in an all in one solution for your lawn care needs, then you may be interested in the Black & Decker LC3K220 cordless lawn care center.

This cordless lawn care center includes not only the NS118 cordless leaf blower mentioned above but also the NST2018 Grasshog 12-inch string trimmer and the NHT518 Hedgehog hedge trimmer.

The set also comes with a mountable storage station that easily stores all three tools in your garage.

The battery charger can also be easily wall-mounted close to an electrical outlet and can charge the two included batteries at the same time.

All three tools use the same 18-volt batteries, which can also be used with many other Black & Decker 18-volt products.

This is the best affordable option that will help you tackle any lawn care job in your yard. Check Price On Amazon

7.Toro 51480 – Best Electric String Trimmer

Electrical cord trimmers are suitable machines. With them, you can remove weeds and efficiently trim difficult to mow the grass.

The best electric string trimmers let you work fast, without weighing you down with the hassles of care as well as a gas engine. They give your yard a professional appearance the neighbors will envy when you mow your yard.

The Toro 51480 line trimmer has the versatility and the power to make it a precious lawn tool.

This weed eater that is affordable is an excellent total value with strong characteristics. The head rotates with the touch of a button to whack on weeds, cut, and do in-depth edging.

The shaft is, besides, extendable to allow it to be comfortable for people of different heights. The line automatically adjusts to the proper cutting length by pulling a trigger on the handle.

The size of your yard will determine just how much extension cord you’ll have to reduce the span of your lawn. This corded trimmer undoubtedly has its advantages.

Its 5 amp motor provides a lot of power to efficiently reduce your lawn or rid your yard of annoying weeds. It is lightweight at 7.5 pounds and has an ample cutting width of 14 inches. That makes it simple to deal with to get the job done.

The Toro 51480 is corded, you will not need to worry about losing power midway through a job, and the trimmer will consistently stay at the same degree of intensity.

Overall, the Toro 51480 Electric Trimmer and Edger is simple and versatile to deal with. It’s a lot of power to get the business done, drawing on five amps from an outlet.

Its flexible head is a good feature, which makes it a versatile tool that could cut weeds and trim the yard with equal skill.

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8.Black & Decker GH3000

The Black & Decker GH3000 is a strong electric weed eater. It is lightweight, comfortable to utilize and includes a fine edger alteration;

The GH3000 offers all the benefits of corded electrical tools; it is not lightweight, quiet, not cheap, and does not need care or dealing with batteries or fuel.

The engine is placed on top, so it is extremely comfortable to work and has a fine balance – you will get worn out just after a more trimming.

As with other Black Decker trimmers, the assembly is simple and fast – you handle which is often carried out in a couple of minutes and simply attach the guard.

As the Black & Decker GH3000 has lots of power, you might be amazed. It is most likely one of the strongest electrical units presently available on the market. It manages taller grass or weeds with no trouble.

In a nutshell, if you’d like an electrical trimmer with great power that will not also destroy your funds, the Black & Decker GH3000 would be a perfect match for you. It is lightweight, comfy to utilize with a good edger way.

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9.Black & Decker MTE912

The Black & Decker MTE912 is a versatile tool that is often utilized as an edger, string trimmer, and a lawnmower.

That makes it perfect for those who just do not need to invest or do not have space for many different gardening tools.

It’s best suited for small gardens with its cutting swath of 12 inches. It may be put to use as an edger, a standard string trimmer and as a lawnmower.

The Black & Decker MTE912 is a great string trimmer. It’s a strong electric motor, but it is lightweight and user-friendly. The wheel that is fitted over the cord makes it super easy to cut along a veranda or wall border.

You can fix the height of the handle to fit your height, from 33″ to 43″. The handle position may also be readily altered so that you may use it cozy as an edger too.

Just roll the wheel along the border of your yard. This will allow you to have greater management, and you also will not accidentally drive the cord into the earth.

The bottom line, the Black & Decker MTE912 gardening tool, is a great string trimmer and edger.

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10. Husqvarna 128DJx – Best Gas String Trimmer

When trimming grass in the yard, various things could allow it to be possible to carry through the job faster and simpler.

Gasoline string trimmers can make your yard look as though a professional did it. For those who have a big yard, it’s going to end up simpler to remove weeds and edge your lawn with all the gas string trimmer.

The Husqvarna 128DJx is not difficult to use and has the top power to weight ratio in our picks.

A broad trimming trail, as well as an engine that is strong yet lightweight, makes the Husqvarna 128DJx trimmer a glowing star.

The Husqvarna 128DJx is strong enough to take on a lawn full of wild weeds with its burly two-cycle engine. It is also not false, using tested attributes like a line feed that activates when you hit against the tool on cozy cause controls the earth and a variety of landscaping accessories.

In spite of the raw power of the machine, the Husqvarna trimmer is also lighter than most gasoline weed eaters.

The Husqvarna 128DJx is well suited for small to medium-sized yards. Its flexible handle makes it simple to use; however, tall you are.

It is efficient when it comes to replacing a spool. You can perform the job without tools. You can even make use of the machine for extended periods due to the anti-vibration design.

You will get a fresh start in your outside chores using a brand new, top of the line weed whacker. The Husqvarna 128DJx trimmer is strong enough for large lawns but light enough for virtually anyone to work.

With its many accessible accessories, this trimmer is among the most effective multipurpose tools for your lawn. Husqvarna additionally offers adequate technical support for its products.

Having a well-trimmed lawn is not only hard work; it is a proud responsibility carried by all lawn owners. If you want a perfect looking lawn, you need the Husqvarna 128LD that will put a distinctive line between the grass and the pavement.

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11.Remington RM2510 Rustler

The Remington 41BD110G983 is a favorite cheap gas trimmer. It is pretty light, comfortable to utilize, and has enough power.

It shares all the advantages of gas weed eaters, entire freedom of movement, high power, no messing with the wire and winding up it after changing or trimming wall sockets. Additionally, you’re not restricted by battery life.

On the flip side, it demands to combine the gas-oil a bit of care along with fuel. So wearing ear protection may be wise. Additionally, it is rather loud.

The great news is that it is pretty light as well as the equilibrium is also rather great. The assembly is not difficult; you simply reposition the handle and install the guard. Therefore no tools are needed, both are attached with wing nuts, and it is done in 5 minutes as well as the guide is written.

If you need a cheap petrol trimmer for your small or medium size lawn, Remington 41BD110G983 will be a great option.

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12.WeedEater 967184401 W25CFK

The WeedEater 967184401 is quite affordable, though, selling for around $100.

It gives users a lot of power, precision cutting, and high quality to get the task finished right. It is a creature with a 25cc motor and a whopping 15″ cutting course.

The motor is two cycles, which means a combination of oil and gas must be used, and exhaust fumes are somewhat more common.

It’s lightweight and may be held with one hand with comparative ease. It’ll do an excellent job on light to moderate duty yards while it’s not designed for heavy use.

If you need lots of use as well as a string trimmer, and for homeowners who wish to maintain their yards upwards, the WeedEater 967184401 might be best for you,

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13.Husqvarna 128LD

Who would want to lug around a heavy edger? Being lightweight, it can be used by homeowners and enjoy it comfortably.

That is one reason why the Husqvarna 128LD lessens your fatigue because you don’t have to exert too much effort carrying it around. At 11 lbs, the product offers great maneuverability and doesn’t strain your back.

The Husqvarna 128LD String Trimmer is fast, easy to use and quality edger, easy to start, low noise, low emissions, high power, easy on the back, and very efficient.

It is a lightweight, handheld edger that lets you trim a line that is neat and clean between the lawn and the pavement.

It has high torque powering the tool to up to 8,000 RPM. The product is equipped with a 0.4-liter fuel tank and consumes fuel at 507g/kWh.

The product’s engine has reduced emissions, which makes it environment-friendly but doesn’t sacrifice its power. Its weight to power ratio is top-notch. Also, The Husqvarna 128LD’s engine is quiet, so you won’t disturb your family and your neighbors.

It is equipped with a smart-start designed to start your edging work easily. This is an advancement made possible by lessening the resistance of the engine by 40% and using the air purge technology.

The air purge removes the air from the carburetor and the fuel system for trouble-free, easy starting. Making it more convenient is the Auto-return stop switch, which automatically resets the button to on for carefree starting.

Its straight shaft has been designed for extended reaches. The handlebar can be adjusted without the use of tools, perfect for optimizing your edging experience. Also added is the large support wheel guard to prevent mud from getting stuck in the equipment.

Another technology incorporated in the product is the dampening system. With lesser vibrations to the handle and transmission, you can use the Husqvarna 128LD without the usual fatigue brought upon by normal edgers.

Being cordless, you don’t have to worry about tangling with the cords. With the Husqvarna 128LD, you just worry about your work and nothing else, and I’m sure you’ll be done in no time at all. Its convenience and efficiency are nothing but amazing; it simply gets the job done.

The product is lightweight and is perfect for homeowners. You don’t get your back strained, and the reach of the shaft is superb, you don’t have to bend your back for those hard to reach spots.

The minimal vibrations keep you at work longer, and you don’t have to postpone it due to fatigue. Use it as long as you see fit, and Husqvarna 128LD’s ergonomic design will keep the stress and fatigue at bay.

Another surprising thing I found about the Husqvarna 128LD edger is that the engine has lesser emissions, low noise, but still has high torque. Working with your lawn will not be a bother to your neighbors or your family, and it emits lesser gases than the usual edgers.

If you are looking for a fast, easy to use edger that looks good and has high quality, easy to start, low noise, low emissions, high power, easy on the back, and very efficient.

Then what are you still doing? Grab your own Husqvarna 128LD gas powered straight shaft edger right now! Check Price On Amazon

Best String Trimmer – What To Look For

String trimmers can be found in various capacities and layouts. When choosing the right string, the trimmer can be overwhelming. Use our string trimmer buying guide to find which attributes are most crucial that you take into account.


First, you have to narrow down the numerous options available to you. For example, you can get a grass trimmer that runs on electricity and batteries, a corded trimmer, a gasoline-powered trimmer, or even propane-powered trimmer.

Your choice will likely depend on whether you want the power of propane and gasoline; perhaps you would rather drag a cord around with you, or recharge the battery, among other factors.

Electrical string trimmers are easier to begin and keep than gas versions. Besides, they run quieter and cleaner. Cordless electric trimmers give you more freedom than corded versions.

Gas string trimmers are the ideal option for more significant development and large regions and are somewhat more strongly than many electrical versions. They provide freedom and long runtimes.


Generally speaking, the small string trimmers manage light trimming of some weeds and grass. They are suited to landscapes up to an acre in size.

More strong trimmers can regularly take on additional jobs. Some can use accessories for other landscaping jobs.

Professional string trimmers can manage several can power accessories for other occupations in addition to grass and weeds and brush. They operate nicely in big and small landscapes.

Once you’ve decided what features and add-ons you would like with your weed eater, you can get a better idea of your options.

Strong Motor

This is significant as it’s indicative of the operation of the trimmer that you might want.

Nevertheless, I recommend that you take a glance at your garden to find out power and the type of motor which is needed.

You must consult with a person who understands horticulture to be aware of the specific power which is necessary by the string trimmer.


The same as any other gardening gear, I would suggest that you simply select a model that requires minimal maintenance.

With such, less effort will likely be needed on your part to maintain the trimmer at its finest state. This can even be useful in making the string trimmer resist long term use.

Ease of use

For many people, when the grass has grown, the immediate instinct would be to call a gardener within the area.

If you are going to do the job by yourself, nevertheless, you can save. The one thing that you require would be to get a user-friendly grass trimmer.

As long as it’s not difficult to use, you’ll locate it to be a simple and executing job while saving cash from work at the same time.


The best string trimmer is the one that fits your lifestyle, needs, and budget. With the help of our string trimmer reviews, you can choose the perfect string trimmer that fits your requirements.