Top 10 Best Leaf Blower Reviews of 2020

Leaf Blower ReviewsHere we’ll provide reviews of different leaf blowers, including gas powered leaf blowers, electrical leaf blowers and other popular ones to help you make the right choice for your own use.

We know that looking for reviews and the best prices for leaf blowers can be an annoying process to say the least. There are virtually thousands of sites everywhere and all the information is so scattered that it’s easier to get distracted.

That’s where we come in. We present to you only the BEST USER RATED models for the most competitive prices ever. If you’re looking for a good leaf blower, this is the right place. All our reviews are from actual users and are brutally honest. You will find all the help and information you need to make a sound purchase decision.

Not certain what makes an excellent leaf blower? You’re really not the sole one with this particular problem. Leaf blowers have developed over recent decades. Now, they come with a variety of specifications and futuristic features.

It’s possible for you to keep your lawn free from debris and leaves together with an ideal lawn company – a leaf blower. Leaf blowers available on the market can assist you to clear anything from leaves to sawdust from your lawn or drive. Many possess the power for either substantial expanses of a tiny backyard or grassy land.

They’re greatest for small gardens or in the event that you are coping with a lot of leaves that can not be easily vacuumed up. They are perfect for transferring a lot of detritus in a single huge stack you could then gather up readily, although they blow.

We reviewed leaf blowers that function for homeowners and commercial lawn workers who need help getting rid of the scattered leaves which have fallen. Determined by how big of a space you have to cover, you may have plenty of options that are sound for anything you need from a leaf blower.

If you would like to get complete control over the speed and space you need to opt for a leaf blower with high marks in both control and power. In case you just want one to do an easy fall clean-up in a small lawn, then one with less power and control will suffice.


A leaf blower is a mechanical gardening tool that uses forced air directed through a nozzle to move common debris such as leaves. Leaf blowers are generally designed as portable units that come in handheld or backpack versions. Some leaf blowers are capable of sucking in leaves and small bits of debris then depositing them into a bag.

The leaf blower was originally introduced in the 1950s as a feature on an agricultural chemical sprayer. Manufactures quickly discovered that consumers were frequently using the leaf blower feature without the chemical sprayer feature. Manufactures responded to this by developing devices specifically designed for blowing leaves only. Nowadays, landscaping services will have leaf blowers as a standard addition to their equipment.

The most common power sources for leaf blowers are an electric motor or a two-stroke engine. In recent years a four-stroke engine has been introduced as a response to air pollution concerns. The convenience and effectiveness of using leaf blowers have made them a popular tool among homeowners and professional landscapers as well.

It simply goes without saying that most leaf blowers are hand-held. However, you should be aware of that not all leaf blowers are powerful hand-held lawn and garden care tools.

Honestly, there are unwieldy leaf blowers now accessible to the industry. Unless you are a veteran pro in such an apparatus, you might mistake an unwieldy leaf blower for a leaf blower that is convenient. Should you spend your hard-won cash on an unwieldy leaf blower, we consider the tool will cause you a world of troubles.

Top 10 Best Leaf Blower Reviews

It is that means one, irritating matter needs and Fall – leaves. We have selected the top ten leaf blowers accessible to see which is perfect for you.

SaleBestseller No. 2
DEWALT DCBL720B 20V Lithium Ion XR Brushless Blower (Baretool)
  • Brushless Motor maximizing motor efficiency and durability
Bestseller No. 3
Huskie Power Tools by Panasonic: Battery-Operated Blower Kit (HTP-BLR)
  • Includes (1) Blower, (2) Panasonic 18V/5.0 Ah Battery, (1) Charger and (1) Tool Bag
SaleBestseller No. 5
BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower, 7-Amp (LB700)
  • 7 Amp motor provides a powerful and efficient blowing performance
Bestseller No. 6
Bestseller No. 7
Bestseller No. 8
Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac, 250 mph, Red
  • New larger metal impeller drives power and improved mulching
SaleBestseller No. 10
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Lithium Sweeper (LSW221)
  • Easily clears debris from hard surfaces like driveways, decks, and garages

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1.Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vac

Falling leaves and grass clippings can clutter up you walking areas and potentially turn into a slippery mess when it starts to rain. Toro leaf blowers remove these types of debris before they can pile up and become a more serious problem. Powerful Toro leaf blowers will turn those big yard work jobs into a job well done in no time.

Lightweight Toro leaf blowers don’t require a lot of strength or stamina to operate. They are designed to be as simple to operate as they are effective. Check out high quality Toro leaf blowers online and be prepared to be blown away by their great low prices.

The Toro 51619 Ultra is among the top rated units in business. It brings in all of the necessary specifications for a clean operation and is cost efficient. Another great news is the fact that it may successfully handle two requirements around your backyard.

Toro’s blower includes more tubes for special uses. Select the right one according to your program – the concentrator to transfer debris outside of borders as well as the chief one to transfer debris from house, the power insert to make stacks. No tools are required for the conversion.

Rates are flexible according to your operations. The most one goes up to 250MPH. Fixing the rate is simple too – just make use of the knob that is related. As it shreds leaves and debris into fine mulch, don’t look out on the alloy impeller either. It’s most likely the principal component accountable for the general operation.

As it additionally vacuums, it’s clear you could also save the funds for an instrument that is different. The multifunction device will probably become your closest friend during the autumn season, particularly in garden care.

Clean-Up is, in addition, a wind – pop the underside protection off and add a 2-bit tube stop up a tote and you’ll be able to mulch leaves. The tote has a strap to hold it upon your shoulder, as well as a suitable full length zip to clean it out.

Overall, it is an excellent tool with plenty of electricity. Trust me – the blowers that are battery used simply do not have enough electricity. This matter is about as great as you can get without going gasoline. Get a long extension cord to yourself and you are going to be all set. Highly recommended as well as a great cost!

2.Black & Decker BV5600 High Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher

Black and Decker blows away the competition with their high performance leaf blowers and blower vacuums. Their blowers efficiently clear away unwanted debris from hard surfaces such as patios, walkways, driveways and garages. Black and Decker leaf blowers are engineered to provide you with a powerful blowing capacity without a lot of noise.

These leaf blowers reduce strain on your back and arms by being lightweight and dramatically cutting down on the time it takes to clear cluttered areas. When not in use these compact tools can fit in narrow spaces or hung on garage walls easily. Black and Decker leaf blowers make yard maintenance as quick and easy as a walk in the park.

The Decker and Black BV5600 seems to be a rare mix of great design invention and absolute motor power on paper, it’s among the very commonly relevant leaf hoover mulchers accessible.

It supplied an outstanding 12 amp motor to the merchandise. This motor, among its many functions, can certainly support the 250 miles per hour maximum rate the product boasts of, thus ensuring the user always receives a maximum rate that is continual when running the apparatus for extended hours.

Fitting the rate that is exceptional is the strong metal fan, which ensures without there being any threats of clogging that in mulcher mode the leaves can be ground into a fine mulch. Farther, being made of metal, the product is long-lasting and will not have to be fixed when little branches and twigs make their way to the fan blades together with the leaves.

Mulch is really great an entire garden can fit into one bag, particularly since a big tote was supplied. Unique nozzle can offer exactly the same advantages when soil and the leaves are difficult to eliminate.

Overall, this black decker bv5600 without causing dislocations, a handy workhorse that may manage the autumn season in many different surroundings. It is very valuable both to the normal leaf carpeting along with to difficult to eliminate matted leaves and debris that is tempered.

3.Greenworks 24012 7 Amp Single Speed Electric 160 MPH Blower

This really is undoubtedly the place to begin for info relating to this lightweight, yet strong electrical blower for smaller lawn and garden spaces if you’re seeking a little leaf blower.
The Greenworks 24012 was created to get work done promptly and efficiently with blowing rates of up to 160 miles per hour. The security wire attribute has a lightweight ergonomic design for operator comfort and prevents the wire from disconnecting.

It is a leaf blower that is adequate in the event that you are trying to find something little and strong that can clear smaller regions of dust and debris. It’s a 7 amp, 2 speed motor which will let you work in open or enclosed places.

This light duty machine is for little quantities of debris and clearing leaves. For a lot of folks, that is all the functionality they actually want.

4.Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered 170 MPH Handheld Leaf Blower

The Hitachi RB24EAP is a compact gasoline-powered leaf blower. Weighing just 8.6 pounds, this machine is light enough for most folks to use around the yard.

The two-stroke engine has a power displacement of 23.9 cubic centimeters. This blower is streamlined, but it shoves on 441 cubic feet of air through its tapered nozzle. The atmosphere from this nozzle goes at a speed of 170 miles per hour. A little blower operates best for a tiny lawn, although it is a low rate when compared with other versions like it.

This version sports a low emission engine using a fuel tank capacity of 17.6 fluid ounces. Like many similar gasoline- this Hitachi version has particular needs for the kind of fuel it uses.

The Hitachi RB24EAP is simple and streamlined to transport. Shoulder strap and its lightweight body allow you to steer around your lawn readily, as well as the seven-year consumer warranty is true remarkable, This lightweight, gasoline-powered leaf creates results that are satisfactory. Highly Recommend it in case you are in possession of a tiny yard!

Hitachi RB24EAP Leaf Blower – It’s Got Plenty Of Gas

The Hitachi RB24EAP is a brilliant gas-powered two stroke leaf blower that will do a good job of clearing away leaves. Read on to see some actual customer feedback and the good and bad about this solid product.

Here’s a quick run-down of the features you get with the RB24EAP:

  • 23.9cc commercial grade 2-stroke engine
  • Weighs 8.6lbs
  • Auto return stop switch
  • 7 Year Warranty

The solid and robust 2-stroke engine gives the Hitachi RB24EAP great reliability and excellent performance. Add to this the air volume of 441CFM, you’ll have a powerful and fast leaf blower. The engine has low-emissions that is operated via a 2-finger throttle, which can easily be stopped by an auto-return stop switch. It’s been reported that the engine powers air to speeds up to 170mph which is more than enough for effective leaf-cleaning duties.


  • Light and powerful – good for jobs big and small
  • Low emissions and environmentally friendly – safer operation for the owner and environment
  • Easy to use – helpful two-finger throttle and auto-return stop switch


  • Not as easy to start as others

Is This Blower For Me?

There’s a reason why the Hitachi RB24EAP is getting excellent feedback from its customers. The powerful engine means its great for a heavier covering of leaves during autumn, as well as being able to clear up smaller jobs, such as residue grass. This is with it still not being a heavy leaf blower, so it’s good for those who are unsure if they could wield something that could carry out heavier tasks.

Plus, if you reside in California, the emissions comply with the CARB Tier III rating.

Not Convinced? Here’s What The Customers Are Saying:

Well, in all honesty, most are singing its praises with the focus being on the ease of use and the power that the RB24EAP generates. Any negative feedback seems to be with packaging and delivery, which isn’t directly related to the performance and operation of the unit.

To Finish

You really will be getting a high-quality product if you purchase this item. It might not have a heap of features, but at the end of the day you know you’ll be able to carry out the larger tasks as well as the small, easy ones with the Hitachi RB24EAP.

One of the industry leaders in consumer electronics, Hitachi of Japan, now offers an industry-leading portable blower: the Hitachi RB24EAP Powered-Handheld-Compliant gas-powered leaf blower. It is one of the lightest and most powerful hand-held blowers of its class on the market, capable of producing air speeds of as much as 170 mph. Its lightweight construction allows it to be used for longer periods with less fatigue, while its user-friendly controls make it extremely easy to use so you can complete lawn work faster. And its advanced low-emission technology makes it one of the most environment-friendly handheld blowers currently available.

If you want to get a great deal on the Hitachi RB24EAP, we have found the best prices for it on Amazon– click here to check it out


  • The product weighs in at just 8.6 lbs and has a well-balanced construction, making it more comfortable to use.
  • The blower is capable of producing air volumes of 441 cfm, making it a leader in its class and allowing the user to easily move tough lawn debris into a pile for simpler disposal.
  • Commercial-grade 2-stroke engine has produces outstanding power with a maximum 1.13 horsepower capability and is powered by 89 octane gasoline with a gas to oil ratio of 50:1.
  • Large throttle control allows easier starting and operation of the blower.
  • Hitachi’s Pure Fire II technology produces lower emissions and ensures the RB24EAP is compliant with CARB Tier II regulations.
  • Auto-return stop switch resets to ON position automatically after the blower is shut off for easier re-starting.
  •  Hitachi’s seven-year consumer warranty is one of the longest in the industry.

With all these features, it is not surprising that it has proven extremely popular with users. User reviews of the gas-powered blower on Amazon have been almost universally positive, with more than eighty percent of those who posted a review giving the product five stars and none giving it one or two star ratings.

Users found the Hitachi RB24EAP leaf blowers are more powerful than similar products by other manufacturers, while weighing less and being easier to control. One typical comment was that it was “small but mighty”. They also noted that it was extremely easy to start with just one or two pulls and was even quieter than comparable blowers. They were all very happy with the handheld blower’s performance, calling it one of the best products at its price point and an irresistible buy.

5.Husqvarna 952711925 125B Gas Powered Handheld Blower

The Husqvarna 952711925 is an excellent option if you’re buying strong leaf blower that offers you more flexibilty when it comes to steering around garden and lawn obstructions.

Husqvarna is well known for providing excellent quality outdoor tools at affordable prices.  Both are excellent products with high customer ratings and both will get the job done quickly and effectively.

Are you tired of looking at those unwanted leaves piling up in your driveway or yard?  Sweeping and raking them up is a daunting task that involves a lot of labor on your part.  You can eliminate the extensive labor and the leaves with a quick blow from the Husqvarna leaf blower. Husqvarna is a world leader in outdoor power products for forestry, lawn and garden care.

The Husqvarna leaf blower has been built to fit the diverse needs of homeowners and has a bevy of premium features to make operation easier. Great yards demand equipment that is as dedicated and hard working as you are. With the Husqvarna Leaf blower, it is easy to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

Sometimes the thing that takes the biggest toll on the body is not the work you do but the tools you use to do the work. Husqvarna leaf blowers are designed to blow away debris without blowing out your back or straining your arms and shoulders. The ergonomic handles and harnesses allow you to operate with more efficiency.

The low vibration level of Husquvarna leaf blowers reduces fatigue on the operator while increasing control over the device. Husqvarna leaf blowers significantly reduce the amount of time and labor involved in removing debris from patios, walkways and driveways. If you want to spend less time maintaining your home and more time enjoying you home then check out Husqvarna leaf blowers.

With it you are receiving a solidly built, powerful hand-held blower. With that in your mind, the fan home is engineered so the air stream is inline with all the handle to lessen stress loads on arm and the wrist. The blower is simple to carry and steer at 9.4 pounds to help minimize body stress.

The Husqvarna 125B holds up to the most effective residential blowers in the marketplace for top performance. With an air speed of air volume of 425CFM, and up to 170mph, you can expect most yard jobs to be performed by it with little effort.

This really is a varible rate blower in order to quickly shift bigger open spaces and rates between restricted places. The flexible tube span that is blowing also gives you optimum extensive control within big and little regions.

Clients are extremely pleased with their purchases, and we believe you’re obtaining a merchandise that is great with everything you’d anticipate from a leaf blower that is strong.

6.Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Handheld Leaf Blower

In the event you would like a great fundamental leaf blower, the Hitachi RB24EAP 23.9cc Handheld Blower sails with the best of them. Hitachi provides the most effective consumer guarantee for seven years.

The Hitachi RB24EAP 23.9cc 2 Stroke 170 MILES PER HOUR Gasoline Powered Hand-Held Blower supplying not only this useful mix, but also an auto-reset switch seems to be too great to be accurate.

I enjoy how simple this Hitachi blower will be to manage and control, thanks in part to this version’s comparatively light, 8.6-pound weight. Users adore how readily this version manages, thanks mainly to its variable-rate trigger and big, two-finger accelerator lever.

As anyone in the top gas leaf blower business would let you know, a 2 stroke 1.13HP engine is the maximum limitation to which a blower engine can be enlarged without making it hard to carry around. Not only does this Hitachi merchandise supply this kind of strong engine, it ramps up the ability of the engine by supplying it with a 23-9/10cc commercial grade capacity.

It makes fast work of large chores. This small green blower creates an airstream that is powerful and is lightweight. Owners broadly agree that itis a strong blower for shoving debris and leaves. In most scenarios, this merchandise to be a great company to anybody clearing field or a big yard of autumn leaf that is thick cover.

7.Makita BHX2500CA Commercial Grade Handheld Blower

In spite of the fact that they make some of the lightest leaf blowers around, Makita leaf blowers are no lightweights when it comes to handling debris. Makita leaf blowers feature powerful professional grade engines help you blow through piles of common yard debris in a fraction of the time it would take using a rake or a broom. Generous fuel tanks allow you to move continuously from task to task without having to stop and refuel.

High performance Makita leaf blowers start quickly so you can get started on your cleaning tasks right away. These low maintenance blowers will see you through season after season of debris free patios, walkways and driveways. One of the fastest and cheapest home improvements you can make is to clear away unsightly debris with a Makita leaf blower.

Locating a leaf blower which makes yard work a simple, painless chore became a reality, the Makita BHX2500CA has been designed for commercial lawn and garden work. Especially if you are seeking a robust blower that’s actually able to make short work of the yard and yard work at hand.

The Makita is different to the majority of blowers in the manner it runs on a 24.5cc commercial-duty 4-stroke engine instead a 2-stroke engine, and needs no fuel and mix for operation. This really is advantageous, not only because it’s a lot quieter in operation than other blowers, but also because it can save up to 60% in fuel cost savings.

It’s actually able to deliver a maximum air speed of 145 MPH. A top rate of 145 MPH should surely suffice for many individuals, especially if you are considering utilizing the blower for easy chores round the home. The most air volume stands at 358 cfm.

Utilizing the Makita BHX2500CA is rather an enjoyable encounter because of comfort being put in the vanguard of its own layout. The handle has been designed and features plenty of padding to reduce tiredness, along with to ensure that less shaking is sensed as you use the machine. There’s also a helpful cruise control lever that’s additionally capable to minimize operator fatigue too.

All in all, the Makita BHX2500CA is among the most physically pressure-free leaf blowers you will discover. Then this leaf blower is an excellent option if all you require is a comfy method to clear out a backyard though it will not blow debris quite much.

8.Tanaka TRB24EAP Gas Powered Handheld Leaf Blower

Whether you’re cleaning your gutters, raking leaves, blowing away fresh mown grass or spring cleaning your lawn, a useful tool to get on hand is a leaf blower that is reliable. The Tanaka TRB24EAP makes a lightweight and high powered leaf blower that serves the basic needs of both home users and commercial users.

Tanaka leaf blowers allow you to play to your strengths when taking care of landscaping tasks. Tanaka leaf blowers come in handy backpack and handheld versions so you have a choice whether to use your arms or back to support these powerful devices. When you are ready to get to work the anti-vibration system on certain models reduces fatigue on your body.

Large carrying handles on select models makes them easier to haul around. Certain models of Tanaka leaf blowers include larger fuel tanks so you don’t have to stop in the middle of a job to refuel. Their leaf blowers can handle bigger jobs as well as they handle everyday yard maintenance.

The TRB24EAP version is petrol-powered and weighs just 8.6 pounds, which makes this product easy to use when working with a big lawn or working commercially at various places.

Given the model needs a combination of oil and gasoline as opposed to an electric plug in, you’ve got more portability, and its own lightweight design increases your capability to take this leaf blower to drawn-out reaches away from power outlets.

The higher ranking products feature advantages that can allow you to get the job done simpler and quicker, like vacuum fasteners and varying rates. The Tanaka is a model that is fundamental and yet strong. If you’re buying no-fuss leaf blower, then this version will fit your requirements.

All in all, the TRB24EAP is particularly pleasant for commercial use because of portability and its lightweight design. It’s strike span and strong air speed that match industry standards. In addition, it includes two years for commercial users and guarantees for both homeowners and commercial sellers; seven years for homeowners.

9.Black & Decker NSW18 NiCad Cordless Sweeper

A cordless leaf blower has many benefits over other leaf blower models. These benefits include no messy and stinky gas, no cords, cordless leaf blowers are very lightweight and easy to maneuver and battery operated does not always mean less power. We have discovered the very best cordless leaf blower on the market and there is good reason why customers are giving this product such a high rating.

The Black and Decker cordless blower is engineered to make cleaning up easy and simple.  Its lightweight frame and cordless battery powered feature allows you to move around freely and safely with no restrictions.  The cordless leaf blower will make your old broom and rake obsolete.  Letting you get the chores done quickly and effectively without the strain.


One-hand will get the job done.  Weighing in at only five pounds the Black and Decker leaf blower is light enough for just about anyone to operate. Its ergonomically designed frame makes it easy to maneuver and simple to control where debris goes. Many seniors rate this product as one of the best leaf blowers on the market because it is so easy to operate and very lightweight.

Some may say that this cordless leaf blower is the greatest invention for seniors since white bread!

Hassle Free

A battery powers the cordless leaf blower, not by a restricted cord.  No fussing with finding electrical outlets near the area you want to clean. No more having to untangle the cord when it gets tied in knots or wrapped up around something.  No more lugging around heavy extension cords to clean out hard to reach areas.  No toxic odors like leaf blowers powered by gas.

Excellent Air Power

With an air velocity and blowing speed of 120 miles per hour, it will move any loose leaves or debris from any hard surface.  It has a perfect combination of air speed and air volume.  To ensure that the leaves and debris will continually move in the direction desired.

Convenient Rechargeable Battery

The cordless leaf blower has a rechargeable 18-volt NICD battery that holds its charge for extended run time.  Keep in mind that it is for small areas such as patios, balconies, porches, driveways or other hard surfaces.

The battery fully charges in eight hours and the battery packs re-charge in as little as three hours.  The battery charger can be easily mounted on wall for convenient storage. You can also swap the battery with other Black and Decker cordless lawn tools.

“This is a neat item for small areas. It works great for the patio or inside the dog kennel. Real Handy, you do not have to drag out the cord.  Some people have said that the battery does not hold its charge long enough but I have not had this problem.  It is intended for small jobs, and it works beyond all my expectations. Very satisfied”.

Blows Quietly

With a very low DBA noise level, this cordless leaf blower blows away unwanted debris quietly.  Quietly enough it will not disturb your neighbors and most of all your ears will be at peace as well.  Think small hairdryer!

Energy Star Qualified

Products such as the Black and Decker battery powered leaf blower that earn the energy star prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy- efficiency guidelines set by the EPA and US Department of Energy.

There is no messy up keep with gas and oils with these cordless leaf blowers, and zero emissions to harm the environment.

10.Sun Joe SBJ601E Electric Blower

You’ll be happy to know that you’ll get the following when you purchase the Sun Joe SBJ601E:

This blower might not have a large host of features, but quite honestly, it doesn’t need them. This isn’t actually an average product, it is, in fact, a piece of tooling genius!

The lithium-ion battery will last an extremely long time, making its use cord free and safer with a lack of potential tangling to worry about. Packing engine speeds of up to 12,500rpm, the manufacturer claim that it can produce blow speeds of up to 120mph. Weighing in at under 3 pounds means that this leaf blower is punching way above its weight.


  • Brilliant battery – keeps the blower running effectively and consistently
  • Lightweight – at under 3 pounds, you’ll barely realize that you’re holding it
  • Reliable – well built and good design means it’s hard to beat


  • Not suitable for larger jobs

Is This Blower For Me?

In a nutshell, yes! The Sun Joe SBJ601E excels at coping with the small jobs. The lithium battery, soft handle and light chassis means it is probably the best lightweight handheld leaf blower on the market. If you’re looking for a more commercial leaf blower then you are advised to pick something a bit larger.

Not Convinced? Here’s What The Customers Are Saying:

Unsurprisingly, this leaf blower is scoring 4 out of 5 by its customers. The focus is on its ability to do the smaller job really well. Ideal for harder surfaces such as driveways and patios, users have been warned off against using it on heavier collections of leaves such as in shrubbery and on lawns.

Any negative reviews for the Sun Joe SBJ601E  are about its size and weight, with the purchasers assuming it would do better at clearing bigger jobs. The product isn’t marketed as doing such and so we feel these negative reviews aren’t really justified.

To Finish

This really is a firecracker of a leaf blower. The Sun Joe SBJ601E is the ultimate leaf blower for those small jobs and is so easy to use being so light and efficient.

11.LEHR BV025HH Eco Blower

LEHR are renowned for powering all of their lawn and garden tools on propane gas, making them much, much better for the environment. The LEHR BV025HH hasn’t broken this chain…

It’s hard to stray away from the Propane system that LEHR use, since they clearly had the environment in mind when they created this little gem. It’s won an EPA Clean Air Excellence award due to its unique system and dodges the issues and problems that gasoline-powered blowers possess.

Not only is it eco-friendly because of this, but they’ve also designed the propane canister to be a simple twist-and-go screwing on mechanism. If you add in the fact there’s no choke or priming, it’s tough to argue whether there’s an easier-to-use leaf blower out there.


  • Propane system – no chords and eco-friendly, meaning its the safest model on the market
  • Dual-use – vacuum bag included to act as a mulcher as well


  • Weight – slightly on the heavy side at 11.9 pounds, however still light enough to be classed as a handheld

Is This Blower For Me?

If you’re an environmentally conscious person, then yes, this is THE blower for you. It’s most definitely the most ozone-friendly leaf blower out there and LEHR are proud to call the LEHR BV025HH just that. It might be a bit heavier than the majority of others out there but this shouldn’t distract you from giving it a go.

To Finish

LEHR should be proud of their creation in the  LEHR BV025HH. Using propane gas is a really strong selling point and this is the best eco-friendly model on the market that is also reliable and easy to use.

12.Black & Decker LSW20 Lithium Ion Sweeper

Black & Decker LSW20 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Sweeper is cordless, lightweight, environment friendly and has a better battery. To know more about this produc, read on!

More Power at Your Hands with The Black & Decker LSW20

A clean home is a healthy home. We all want to have a neat and tidy house everyday but cleaning is, as they call it, a chore. Doing it manually takes time and effort, so I was relieved when those gas powered cleaning tools came but we all know these products have their drawbacks. Gas powered devices are hard and complicated to operate and maintain.

And then there were those corded sweepers that are just messy to begin with. Having to deal with long chords that get tangled up made it hard to concentrate on the work that really needs to be done. Good thing the Black & Decker LSW20 came in to town and saved me from my woes. Let me tell you a thing or two about this powerful product.

The Black & Decker LSW20 was designed for jobs that require precision and quick cleaning. Though it is light and compact (only 3.9 lbs!) it does not sacrifice the airflow required to get the job done. Use it for hard surfaces like garages, patios, walkways, driveways, decks, floors, or the side of your pool. Use it to blow leaves, grass clipping, and other lawn debris. A combination of maneuverability and power makes the Black & Decker LSW20 a great cleaning tool for a dedicated hard worker like you.

Some Things to Put in Mind When Selecting Sweepers

– Is it battery operated, is it cordless?

  • How heavy is the sweeper?
  • How long will the battery last?
  • Is it powerful enough?
  • Will the product last?

The Advantages of Choosing the Black & Decker LSW20

  • Cordless

I don’t know about you but I’m fed up with all the long cords and the extra extension cords that look messy and might cause accidents. The thing with cords is every time they get tangled I always leave my actual work to untangle them because I can’t reach the other places that needs cleaning. I can’t concentrate on my actual cleaning because I have the cords to think about. And it’s hard to lug the other sweepers around when I have a large place to cover. But with the Black & Decker cordless sweeper, cleaning is a breeze because it’s cordless. I can carry it anywhere and never think about the cord tripping me or disturbing my family while I’m at work.

  • Better Battery

The 20-Volt lithium ion battery means two things, more power and more battery life. At 120mph the Black & Decker LSW20  can do light to medium chores around the house. It is perfect for small settings so you can also use it on your office. The lithium ion battery is also safe to use and worry free. Just charge it on your outlet when you are not using it and it will charge safely.  And because the Black & Decker cordless blower is battery operated, it has no emissions so it is better for the environment.

You can also swap the battery with other compatible Black & Decker outdoor products at your home so you can continue your work when you have to.

  • Lightweight

The Black & Decker LSW20 is easy to carry and lightweight (only 3.9 lbs) and is ergonomically designed to lessen the stress on the wrist. Its maneuverability and handling is top notch perfect for tight spaces and hard to reach places. Since it is lightweight only minimal effort is required to carry it around your house or your lawn. The Black & Decker LSW20’s design is gentle on the user but tough on dirt and debris.

  • Environment Friendly

As I’ve stated above, the product has no emission since it uses the new lithium ion battery. It’s not only safe to use in your home with your family, it is also safe for the environment. The product has the ENERGY STAR® seal which means that the Black & Decker LSW20 has met strict energy-efficient guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy to prevent the emission of greenhouse gases.

Plus the Black & Decker LSW20 is also very quiet, perfect for hard workers who want to clean their poolside and garage without disturbing the neighbors or their family members.

Cleaning the house or your yard can be hard, tedious work, but you can get the help you need with the right products. The Black & Decker LSW20 will be your ally against dirt and debris and once you have it, your cleaning experience will never be the same!

If you want to know more or purchase the product, you can visit this link.

13.Toro 51585 Power Sweep Electric Leaf Blower

When it comes to affordability, power and performance, you just can’t beat the The Toro 51585 electric leaf blower.

Many people assume that gas powered leaf blowers are more powerful than electric leaf blower models. In this case, that is far from true.  You can find just as much, if not more power in an electric blower, without the mess and odor of gas and oil.  With the versatile Toro 51585 Power Sweep Electric Blower, the possibilities are endless…kind of like your fall to do list.

The Toro 51585 electric blower is a product created for you and the great outdoors in mind.  Giving you a convenient way to preserve and enhance the quality of your environment and surroundings with the best electric blower.  This 2-speed electric leaf blower allows you to conquer any task.  It is very easy to operate, weighing only a few pounds.

2-speed Air Control

This convenient switch is located right on the handle of the Toro electric blower, and falls comfortably beneath your thumb.  Low- speed offers great control in tight spaces.  High-speed setting gives you the power to wrap up the job.


Safely and effectively removes leafs and debris from your flowerbeds and planting areas without irritating or damaging the flowers and plants.  Decks, driveways, patios, balconies, and walkways will be instantly cleared of all debris and leafs with the electric leaf blower, saving you countless amounts of time tackling these chores.


As beautiful as the trees may be in your yard, they can sure leave a mess below on the ground.  Rid your lawn of leaves, pine needles, acorns, and other debris with the Toro leaf blower.  Cobwebs have never been more simple to clear out from windows, screens, bushes, and hard to reach corners.  Keep your garages and gutters free of unwanted debris and leafs.  With the best electric leaf blowers, you can also dry your vehicle after washing it.  Blow off car mats, blasting out fine silt left behind after vacuuming.

Easy to use

This electric leaf blower only weighs 4.6 pounds.  With it being lightweight and easy on hand operation, it allows anyone the opportunity to be able to handle and operate.  Whether you need to reach areas down low or up high, you can accomplish any maneuver thanks to the light weight.  Not to mention your arm and hand will not have the strain versus heavier electric blowers.

Installed with a 50-foot cord and cord lock system, you can freely move from one area to the next.  Plug in anywhere with the 2-prong plug.  For far away distant areas, the electric leaf blower can easily plug into an extension cord.  It is so light and easy to use; my grandma gets all her chores done by using the electric leaf blower.

Works Hard For Your Money!

Leave the hard work for the machine.  The Toro electric blower has a Maximum air velocity of 160 miles per hour (MPH) and a minimum of 130 (MPH).  An air volume of 155 cubic feet of airflow per minute (CFM).  The (MPH) is what moves the debris while the (CFM) is what keeps the debris moving in the direction you want.

This combination of two speeds and volume air output will ensure and enable you to complete a wide variety of tasks. You decide what amount of force you want to use in every different area.

Not too Loud

Powered by a 7.0 Amp Motor you are guaranteed to generate the necessary power needed in an electric blower.  Fortunately, with the comfort of a low noise level DBA.  Letting you, your ears and your neighbors be at peace while working outdoors.  Consumers have compared the noise the blower makes to the same as a common household hair dryer.

Storing made simple

This electric leaf blower is a two-piece set to ensure easy storage.  All you have to do is simply snap it together/apart for a quick assemble/disassemble.  Fits easily in your closet, cabinet, or garage. Alternatively, you can hang it on any hook or rack.

14.Makita BUB182Z LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower

The 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower BUB182Z is part of Makita’s extensive LXT series of cordless tools featuring the Lithium-Ion battery technology. A breakthrough in cordless batteries that delivers you more power, less weight and better engineering.

The Makita blower combines the convenience of cordless with the superior power to enable you to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Makita has proudly been providing users with more efficient work solutions to homes and jobsites across America. The Makita cordless blower performs the duties of an air blowgun, without the need of a compressor and the hassle of a hose.  Compact and lightweight the Makita blower can easily tag along to any area or jobsite that needs a little cleaning up.

This versatile cordless blower is built for maintenance professionals, repairman, remodelers, cabinet installers, electricians, woodworkers, and any general contractor seeking a reliable cordless blower with excellent power to weight ratio and longer battery run time.

“For heavy yard usage and constant leaf blowing, a large gas blower would be more appropriate. But for the other 90% of the time where a portable blower would fit the bill, this Makita blower is as handy as a shirt pocket”.

Variable 3 Speed Option

The Makita blower has three different speeds, allowing you to adjust easily to any area. The two-finger variable trigger switch is easy to handle. Even for those who are wearing gloves. On low speed, you have seventy-five minutes of run time, medium speed you have twenty-five minutes run time, and while on max high speed you have 12 minutes of sheer power run time.

“Having the capability to adjust speeds on my Makita blower has been extremely handy, since I rarely need it on high speed. I am able to clean up the jobsite about an hour quicker than I used to.  I will not arrive at any job without it now. It goes with me everywhere. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to save time”.

LXT Lithium-Ion Battery

The Makita blowers LXT Lithium-Ion Batteries and Optimum charging systems produce 430% total lifetime work with two and a half times more battery cycles when compared to the traditional 18 volt Ni-Cd batteries. The battery and charger are not included, but recommended, although you can use any battery and charger from the Makita LXT bare-tool series.

Lithium-Ion Batteries give more power and produce less weight in the Makita blower. The LXT batteries charge in as little as thirty minutes, and deliver a much longer run time. Providing the pro-users with many benefits including 40% less weight to reduce fatigue on the operator, five-times lower self-discharge to keep cells active and ready to use any time. The battery works in conjunction with the optimum charger during the charging process for a more efficient charge and longer battery life.

Flexible Nozzle

The durable long black nozzle is made of heavy rubber and can easily be flexed or bent to reach and fit into hard to reach areas. The nozzle can be easily removed from the Makita blower with just one simple twist, allowing it to be easily stored.  The flexibility of the nozzle is just another feature to ensure the operator with more efficient work solutions.

Supreme & Efficient Power

The Makita BUB182Z blower has a supreme and efficient amount of power to quickly remove unwanted debris with an air velocity of 179(MPH) miles per hour and an air volume of 91 (CFM) cubic feet per minute.  The (MPH) is the air speed that will blow the debris, and the (CFM) is what keeps the debris moving in the direction desired.  With this combination of high speed and volume, the Makita blower zips through the work.


Makita BUB182Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower – Bare-tool. Powerful motor, lightweight quality, speed control options, reduced noise emissions, high air volume capacity and velocity, and MORE!

Why Should You Choose the Makita BUB182Z?

 Are you looking for the best cordless blower that is available in the market which has great functionality and is worthy of its price? If you are, the Makita BUB182Z is the perfect machine for you.

It generates a total of 430% lifetime work with 2.5x more cycles. Its motor gives off a maximum air velocity of 179 miles per hour and a maximum air volume of 91 CFM. It weighs only 3.9 lbs which allows you to carry it around comfortably.

It also has an ergonomic shape that fits like a glove and a soft grip handle for easy control of the machine and added convenience for the operator.


A Powerful Motor. A blower is only as good as its motor. The higher the quality of the motor, the more powerful it is. The motor of the Makita BUB182Z cordless blower is described to be high-torque. This means that it is very powerful, can blow any imaginable dirt in your lawn and can accelerate to its maximum in a short manner of time. Its air volume is 20% more than other blowers.One of the main factors you should look into before buying a blower is how fast air can be blown from the unit which is called its air velocity. The Makita BUB182Z’s air velocity is 178 mph or an equivalent of 80 meters per second and from other reviewers’ experience, the blower’s low setting can blow leaves, dust and wood specks already.

Lithium ion batteries. The BUB182Z is powered by lithium ion batteries which are the lightest type of battery in town. Few of the advantages of using lithium ion batteries is that they can easily recharged, provides more power and can run a device 50% longer than the popular NiCd and NiMh batteries. Lithium ion batteries and the Makita BUB182Z’s motor simply equate to a perfect match. Based on the official website of Makita, this blower can run up to 75 minutes on a low setting. This is an impressive quality for a power tool.The Makita BUB182Zruns on 18 volts. For everybody’s knowledge, the higher the voltage that a device runs on, the bigger and heavier the battery will be. However, the Makita’s battery’s weight is only equivalent to a 12 volt battery, which is excellent news to an operator of this cordless blower since it would be lighter for him/her to carry it around.

All-in-One Control Button. If you are one of those people who crave for a machine’s simplicity, you will be glad to know that there is only one button that controls the Makita cordless blower. All you have to do to get this machine started is to choose from the high, medium and low options for the optimum air volume that will suit the kind of garden work that you would be doing for the day.


  • The BUB182Z Makita is a high quality, portable product and has a lot of functions.
  • Because of its lightweight quality, it is very handy, reduces an operator’s fatigue in using the unit and produces a lot of power.
  • It has a compact design and does all that it claims to do
  • You can easily adjust the blower’s speed by pressing it with your finger or thumb. The trigger is still easy to press even with your gloves on.


  • A common complaint from costumers who have already bought this product is that the batteries are not included in the shipment. The simplest solution for this is to buy the battery separately.  

Final Verdict!

Bottom Line: The Makita BUB182Z is highly recommended for land owners who just want to have nothing but the most reliable and greatest blower to achieve that cleanest yard. You don’t need to be a professional or an expert to avail this amazing blower.

With its powerful motor, lightweight quality that can make one’s work comfortable, a lot of option for the speed control, reduced noise emissions for everyone’s peace of mind, high air volume capacity and velocity, and various features and benefits. What more can you definitely ask for?

Reading other reviews about the Makita BUB182Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower – Bare-tool would also give you more information and other points of view from different reviewers about this product.

15.Husqvarna 130BT Backpack Blower

Husqvarna 130BT 29.5cc 2 Stroke 145 MPH Gas Powered Back Pack Blower With Tube Mounted Throttle is known for its powerful engine, easy starting, and ergonomic design.

Light but POWERFUL

Are you sick and tired of using your old leaf blower that is just heavy and a pain in the neck to use? Do want a high-quality blower that is easy to use and cuts the work time in half? Do you want something light to carry but can blow high piles of leaves effortlessly? Then let me introduce you to the Husqvarna 130BT and get ready to be blown away.

This great product is designed for the landowner or homeowner who works for long hours at a time. A vast land can be hard to maintain but having the Husqvarna 130BT gets the job done while providing comfort and ease of use. The work time is also cut in half due to its powerful engine, easy starting, and ergonomic design.


  • Blower type: Backpack
  • 1.3hp power output
  • Maximum power speed: 8000 RPM
  • Idling speed: 3000 RPM
  • Fuel tank volume: 30.43 fl oz
  • Fuel consumption: 392 g/kWh
  • Air speed: 145 mph
  • Weight: 14.77 lbs (6.70 kg)
  • Consumer warranty: 2 years

Lightweight and Ergonomic Backpack Blower

Wearing a blower as a backpack really makes the product convenient to use around in a big piece of property. Keeping your hands free means you can carry other equipment while using the Husqvarna 130BT or just keep the other free and the other operating the speed control.

The combination of the Husqvarna 130BT’s weight (14.77 lbs), minimal vibration, and its comfortable, ventilated, and load reducing harness with hip belt and wide shoulder straps makes for an ergonomic working experience that does not strain your back and reduces your fatigue. The straps are also padded to fit the contour of the operator.

The adjustable handles with rubber inserts are designed to fit you ergonomically to lessen fatigue and stress so you can work more and finish the work as quickly as possible.

The Engine

The X-Torq® 29.5 cc, 1.3hp engine has increased power and has been designed for dedicated and hard working landowners and homeowners. The Husqvarna 130BT prides itself of the X-Torq® engine design that reduces harmful emissions by up to 60% and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%. Even though the engine was designed with these advantages in mind, it does not sacrifice the blower’s functionality. The X-Torq® engine is powerful and together with the fan’s efficient design it delivers a very high air speed (145 mph) and air flow.

The Husqvarna 130BT is equipped with the Air Purge that removes air from the carburetor and the fuel system; with this the operator can start the engine with ease.

The engine saves a lot of gas, has lesser emissions compared to other leaf blowers, and is very easy to start. Wearing it is trouble free because the backpack is designed to distribute the blower’s weight on the user’s shoulders.

Some reviewers liked the fact that they didn’t have to carry the blower with their arms. Cleaning time with the Husqvarna 130BT saves a lot of time because of its backpack design. Homeowners who have bought the product also said it is perfect for residential homes because it is very easy to use. The straps are easy to adjust and the pads provide comfort that makes the whole experience a lot simpler.

Other reviewers commended the Husqvarna 130BT for its uncomplicated assembly that enabled them to use the product in no time at all. The easy start engine is also quiet so you can work while not disturbing your family or your neighbors.

Compared to other blowers, this product is the smallest but packs power without costing too much money. The consumers reported that they are extremely happy with the product and one reviewer even wrote that he can’t wait for the leaves to fall because he really enjoys using the Husqvarna 130BT!

The reviewers also praise the products engine system and air purge because it is very easy to start, usually with one pull of the starter.

All in all the Husqvarna 130BT has been receiving positive reviews. The most profound comment that I have read is that it is both light and powerful as it describes the product rightly.

Get One Now.

The Husqvarna 130BT is the most efficient and convenient leaf blower out there, with its price, size, and power you can never go wrong with this product. If you want to keep your land clean and free of leaves and debris but don’t want to get fatigued too much then all you have to do is buy this amazing product, you’ll never be disappointed and that is a guarantee.

For the larger landowners, the Husqvarna 130BT backpack blower would be best. It combines very low weight and ease of use for those who have to work for longer periods.

Features include a new X-torq engine for increased power, better fuel economy and reduced emissions. The harness and tube-mounted controls improve operational ergonomics.

Perfect for heavy-duty tasks, frequent uses or occasional demanding use.  Farmers, ranchers, large property owners and other demanding users require high performance, and this Husqvarna leaf blower gives them just that..

X-Torq Engine

The X-Torq engine design reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 60 percent and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20 percent. All Husqvarna blowers combine high performance with low fuel consumption and low emissions. All of this technology is a result of Husqvarna’s continuous research into advanced engine technology.

Won’t Bother The Neighbors

Since everyone is entitled to peace and quiet in their own surroundings and environment. You will not have to worry about disturbing your neighbors with the Husqvarna leaf blower.  Your ears will really appreciate that as well.  Both the gas leaf blower and the backpack blower have a low DBA level of 70.  On a comparison table chart, that is equal to a household hair dryer or vacuum cleaner.

16.Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC Backpack Blower

The Troy-Bilt TB4BP 4 cycle-powered leaf blowers are one of the most powerful and user-friendly portable blowers from one of America’s leading manufacturers of power tools.

Reduce your yard waste and operator fatigue with a well designed Troy Bilt leaf blower. The ergonomic design of Troy Bilt leaf blowers gives you a better handle on your yard work while increasing operator comfort. Troy Bilt leaf blowers come in backpack and handheld versions so you can choose the style that is right for you and your clean up jobs.

For the ultimate in comfort and convenience Troy Bilt even makes leaf blowers that can be wheeled around instead of carried. Some of the leaf blowers include vacuum features so you can remove debris instead of just moving it. Powerful Troy Bilt leaf blowers enable you to take great care of your property without spending a great deal of money.

The ergonomic backpack design and compact construction allow the user to wear the blower comfortably on his or her back while working and produces less user fatigue.

And the powerful airflow generated by the TB4BP’s engine creates more torque without the bother of mixing gas and oil while troy bilt blower’s advanced technology provides for quicker starting and more user-friendly operation.

If you are looking for a great deal on the Troy-Bilt TB4BP gas-powered blower, check out Amazon


  • Powerful 4-cycle 32cc engine has a full-crank design for smoother operation with fewer vibrations and an outboard-type starter for quick and convenient starting.
  • Fully-tensioned suspension system with multi-material construction distributes the weight of the blower evenly between the back and the shoulders when being used, helping avoid back strain and making operation more comfortable.
  • Tube-mounted throttle lever is ergonomically designed to ensure easy operation by user.
  • The TB4BP blower can produce air speeds at velocities of up to 150 mph as well as air volumes of 480 cfm, making it one of the most powerful blowers in its class.
  • Twenty-ounce fuel tank allows you to operate the blower for longer periods before having to refuel. Oil included with the product.
  • Relatively quiet 72 dB operation creates less noise and makes less of a bother when in operation.
  • The backpack design includes padded straps and padded hip belt that fits the contours of your hips to reduce pressure points and lessen operator fatigue.
  • Comes with a two-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

These features make the troy bilt leaf blower one of the best portable blowers at this price point. User reviews for the product at Amazon have been almost uniformly positive with nearly three-fourths of those customers who posted a reviewing giving it five and four star ratings. Nearly every reviewer who gave it a positive review commented on its power, pointing out that it could easily blow even waterlogged leaves and other debris into a pile for disposal, as well as its quick starting. Others praised its lightweight construction and user-friendly controls, which made it very easy to use. They all agreed that it was one of the best backpack blowers that you could get for this particular price point.

On the other hand, there was a small minority of users who found the performance of the TB4BP tepid. But even these users admitted that this Troy bilt backpack leaf blower was comfortable to wear and started easily with just a couple of pulls. One user, however, reported that the starter cord eventually snapped. Others who found it too loud said you could get around the problem by wearing ear protectors.

Overall, practically every user who bought the Troy-Bilt TB4BP was satisfied with it. If you are looking for the best prices on the Troy-Bilt TB4BP 4 Cycle-Powered Blower look for it at Amazon –  Click here to check it out


If you are looking for a leaf blower that will get any job done quickly and efficiently, then you will be interested in the Troy-Bilt TB4BP backpack leaf blowers. This blower is the best in its class and there is good reason why customers give this product such a high rating.

Fall brings the most frequent loss of leaves from trees, but it surely is not the only time.  Many plants and trees lose their leaves and needles year-round. Berries and flowers also drop throughout spring, summer and winter piling up on front walks, decks, porches and driveways.

Keeping up with falling debris from trees and shrubbery can be a daunting and endless chore.  You can eliminate the labor of raking and sweeping by using backpack leaf blowers.  The Troy-Bilt TB4BP backpack leaf blowers will make cleaning up outdoors a breeze.  It can be used on a variety of debris to keep the property looking clean and in tip- top shape.

Troy-Bilt’s TB4BP Backpack gas leaf blowers offer a comfortable and ergonomic compact backpack design to reduce user fatigue.  With powerful airflow generated by a powerful 4-cycle engine.  These backpack leaf blowers are equipped with compression release technology and a tube-mounted throttle control lever, making it simple to start and easy to use.

Light and comfortable

The backpack leaf blowers have a fully tensioned, padded multi- material suspension system.  Distributing the weight evenly and comfortably between the shoulders for reduced operator fatigue.

The backpack is designed with a padded hip belt to fit the shape of your hips and reduces pressure points.  The mesh backing eliminates heat from the blower and keeps you cool while getting the job done.

“Was delighted to discover how lightweight the unit was.  I am about 175lbs, but my back has seen better days.  The unit is easy to lift up and sling on your shoulders.  My 115lb wife could easily handle this blower as well”.

High Blowing Speeds

Built with air power in mind, the Troy-Bilt leaf blowers have professional power for quick cleaning.  For sheer power, you are likely to prefer a gas powered backpack blower with high blowing speeds.

The Troy-Bilt leaf blowers have a high air velocity of 150(MPH) miles per hour, and a high air volume of 475(CFM) cubic feet per minute.  The (MPH) is what moves the debris and leaves while the (CFM) is what keeps them moving in the direction desired.  With this excellent combination of high blowing speeds, you will be able to move the leaves and debris fast and effectively.

“This unit makes my old blower look like a Tinker Toy.  Even damp grass and leaves don’t slow it down.  I now get twice the work done in half the time.  Highly recommended”!

4-Stroke: Less Odor

Customers are very happy with this backpack leaf blower and are most pleased with the new 4-stroke motor versus the old 2-stroke.  This 4-stroke full crank engine has more torque without the hassle of mixing oil and gas. Eliminating the odor of gas and smoke left on your clothing after operating the unit.

Briggs & Stratton 32cc Engine

Briggs & Stratton is the world’s largest producer of air-cooled gasoline engines for outdoor power equipment. Built with quality and perfection to ensure you with long-term usage and backed by a 2-year warranty.

Simple To Start – Easy To Use

With the compression release technology in the starting system, the backpack leaf blowers are very easy to start. Requires very little strength and reduces any type of strain. It is a smooth operating full crank and outboard starter.

The TB4BP model is also equipped with an ergonomic tube-mounted throttle control lever.  The handle- mounted throttle controls make it simple to start and easy to use every time.


Very Low Noise Level

Since everyone is entitled to peace and quiet in their surroundings and environment the backpack leaf blowers will not disturb your neighbors.  Leaving your ears at peace as well.  The TB4BP model has a DBA noise level of 72.  On a comparison table chart, 72dBA is equal to the same as a household hairdryer or vacuum cleaner.  Allowing you to get the outdoor job done without causing chaos.

Troy-Bilt TB4BP Leaf Blower – Will It Impel You?

The Troy-Bilt TB4BP blower is unique to most, in the sense of it being attached to your back while you blow those leaves away. It’s been getting some great reviews, so read on to find out what the customers have been saying

What Do I Get?

You’ll be happy to know that you’ll get the following when you purchase the Troy-Bilt TB4BP:

  • 4-cycle 32cc engine
  • Compression release starting system
  • Suspension system

The above are great features, but what deserves it’s own mention is the backpack mounting system. Having the blower mounted on your back will save you a huge amount of fatigue than if it was a hand-held blower. The harness is padded for extra comfort meaning you’ll be even more mobile as you breeze around cleaning up those autumnal leaves. The suspension system helps to spread the weight evenly between your shoulders to ensure you don’t strain on one side.

The 32cc engine can blow at speeds up to 150mph, which is a solid amount of power, without be loud, producing a low 72 BA. No complaints from your neighbors whilst using the quiet Troy-Bilt TB4BP


  • Backpack system – spreads the weight for greater mobility and ease of use
  • Powerful airflow – the oil powered engine can clear up the most stubborn piles of leaves and debris
  • Compression-release technology – ensures fast and easy starts
  • Large fuel tank – holds 20 ounces prolonging those annoying refill stops


  • Potential lack of reliability

Is This Blower For Me?

To not have the hassle of carrying a leaf blower, the Troy-Bilt TB4B’s backpack system will be great if you’re susceptible to aches and strains from lifting. The harness is adjustable, so will fit all shapes and sizes, no matter your age. It makes more sense to purchase a backpack system over a handheld one for this reason alone.

Not Convinced? Here’s What The Customers Are Saying:

This is a most popular leaf blower. Positive reviews mention the ease of use due to the backpack as well as making an otherwise tiresome job comfortable. The lack of noise of the engine is also a focal point for the Troy-Bilt TB4B. On average, this leaf blower is rated 4 stars out of 5.

There is some attention drawn to it’s potential to become unreliable, with problems mainly being hard to start, especially with the pull cord being weak. There’s bound to be a warranty with this product, however, so these problems are easily resolved.

To Finish

Perfect for making those fatigue-building jobs in your yard or on the sidewalk a breeze, the Troy-Bilt TB4B stands out from the rest purely due to its backpack system. At a reasonable price, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better blower in its class.

17.Husqvarna 125BVx Gas Powered Blower

Husqvarna 125BVx 28cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered 170 MPH Blower/Vac With Smart Start is the most perfect tool for every homeowner and even to professional landscapers as it yields enough power to suffice all your needs and wants. Find out why, here.

Husqvarna 125BVx – Learn Its Basic Features and Advantages

 Cleaning your garden, yard or any part of your house that is located near trees doesn’t come easy and efficient, most of the time it is challenging and tedious. To make your job simple and convenient, using power garden tools such as the Husqvarna 125BVx will indeed help you most. The Husqvarna 125BVx is an all-in-one tool that features high power blower, vacuum and mulching device house in a lightweight equipment. To discover more about the 125BVx read on to this review article.

The Husqvarna 125BVx is the most perfect tool for every homeowner and even to professional landscapers as it yields enough power to suffice all your needs and wants. With its state of the art design and ergonomic features, the Husqvarna 125BVx is indeed becoming a favorite garden tool by most home owners. See the review below and learn more about it.

The Husqvarna 125BVx is a gas-powered blower that doesn’t harm the environment as it comes CARB compliant. You can use this handy device to blow dry leaves, vacuum debris, clean your garage, suction matted leaves without damaging your delicate plants, and all others. More features of the Husqvarna 125BVx after the jump.

Very powerful and durable blowing power – the Husqvarna 125BVx is equipped with two cycle engine running at a maximum speed of 8,000 RPM. It is also comes with 1.1 horsepower so even the most stubborn leaves/dirt will surely be blown away. The 125BVx is able to generate 170 miles per hour of wind speed perfect for tough and hard to reach cleaning jobs.

    • Fuel efficiency is set at its best – the Husqvarna 125BVx is indeed fuel efficient consuming 575 g/kWh. Also, with its high volume tank that can keep 16.91 ounce of fuel is enough to give you hours of cleaning with no refilling. With the Husqvarna 125BVx, everything is done in accordance to your needs and wants.
    • Full features are available to give you total control over the equipment – cruise control function is one of the features of the Husqvarna 125BVx that give users a reliable fan speed so no need to check the button every time you’re using the device. Automatic stop switch is also available and resets to the “on” position for convenient and practical starting. The Husqvarna 125BVx is indeed filled with amazing features you will truly enjoy.
  • Reduces the fatigue with its physical features – the Husqvarna 125BVx weights no more than 9.6 pounds so carrying it around your yard or garden comes breezy. Also, the fan housing of the Husqvarna blower 125BVx is located in line with its handle so the air stream is directed towards it. These features minimize the stress on your hands and joints so you don’t have to worry about painful and stressful cleaning all with the help of this device.
  • Included is a blowing tube that is fully adjustable – to give you even more convenience, the Husqvarna 125BVxcomes with a fully adjustable blowing tube so you can accomplish yard jobs effortlessly. Note that adjustable blowing tube is recommended for elder individuals as it gives not just convenience but also maximum comfort.
  • Engine starts quickly with minimum effort – unlike other blowers, the Husqvarna 125BVx starts smoothly so no need to worry about disastrous on and off of the machine. Since the Husqvarna 125BVx starts quickly and smoothly, expect a reduced resistance to the cord by up to 40%.

The Husqvarna 125BVx is indeed powerful and yields multifunction features that you can use to keep your garden or yard always neat looking. If you have enough money to shell out, I highly recommend getting the Husqvarna 125BVx.

If you still want to rediscover your options, simply go to as they feature humungous collection of different garden blowers all priced affordable great. Also, honest consumer feedbacks are visible to see what the real deal is.

Husqvarna 125BVx Leaf Blower – Leaves Nothing Left

The Husqvarna 125BVx comes from one of the most established brands on the market. Can this leaf blower compete with the others out there? Let’s take a look.

What Do I Get?

Here’s a quick run-down of the features you get with the 125BVx:

  • In-lined outlet
  • Cruise control
  • Smart Start
  • Adjustable tube length

Those are just a few, but in honesty this great leaf blower has some fantastic features. There’s a heavy focus with this model on its ease of use. The in-lined outlet means that the air stream is in the same directional flow as the handle, causing more streamlined use. The cruise control feature of the Husqvarna 125BVxadds to this by enabling you to set the fan speed, so you can concentrate on getting rid of those lazy leaves.

Its single tube is easily adjustable, giving you better options for different circumstances. Weighing in at only 9.6lbs, using the simple buttons should be ever so easy, which will be within reach of your free hand. Yup, that’s right, this blower is designed to be used by one hand only, making it much easier to operate.

If you add in the supplementary features of vacuuming and mulching, you’ve got yourself a fantastic all-encompassing leaf blower with the 125BVx.


  • Smart Start – minimum effort to start
  • Triple function – meaning you can blow, vacuum and mulch leaves
  • Easy and lightweight – free hand to operate the controls
  • Ergonomic – tube and handle design make operation extremely easy


  • Basic – it does all the basic things you need but might not be appropriate for bigger jobs

Is This Blower For Me?

If you’re looking to clear up the accumulated leaves in your garden with ease and without complications, then yes, the Husqvarna 125BVx will definitely suit your needs. It has great control and design with a soft handle, so you shouldn’t experience any discomfort using it. If you’re looking for a bigger job, then this one-handed leaf blower might not be perfect. You’d still get the job done, but it might take a bit longer.

Not Convinced? Here’s What The Customers Are Saying:

Research shows that for a small machine, there’s a lot of power coming out of this little blower. It’s been described as the best blower for the price you pay, which is what most of us look for when buying anything, really. It would seem that this is a safe purchase if you’re looking to grab something decent for a good price tag.

There has been some negative feedback with regards to the instruction manual not being very user friendly. It’s not like you’re going to be constructing a complicated piece of flatpack furniture, so although this can be annoying, it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

To Finish

Perfectly sized with great power, it’s hard to not like this leaf blower. Being easy to operate and lightweight makes the Husqvarna 125BVx a safe purchase.

18.Troy-Bilt TB672 Jet Sweep Wheeled Leaf Blower

An important clean-up tool for saving you time over alternative methods such as the old rake and broom. Many are tempted into thinking that the reputable walk behind leaf blowers are always expensive.

With this less expensive Troy-Bilt TB672 walk behind blower, it may interest you to know this assumption may be far from the case.

At half the price of other brands, the Troy-Bilt TB672 provides not only a good value but quality in the removal of debris and leafs. Do not pay for more features than you will use.

With this affordable gas powered walk behind leaf blower, you get a good deal without spending a fortune. It has a powerful engine and a high air speed and volume.  It rolls smoothly as you push and is easy to operate. Making the removal a breeze while clearing out debris and leaves in your yard, driveway or patio.

Consumers have been very satisfied not only with the low cost, but with how well it tends to get the job done quickly and effectively. This push blower is one of the best leaf blowers on the market.

The Troy-Bilt TB 672 Rolls Effortlessly

Cleaning up the yard, driveway or patio can be an exhausting job.  Using walk behind blowers eliminates most of the labor out of the task.  All you have to do is push. This hard-working wheeled push leaf blower rolls easily on ball bearing wheels.  Ball bearings support both radial and axial loads offering lower friction.  The lower the friction, the easier the job is for you.

Other consumers have loved the fact that these semi pneumatic wheels do not shimmy, vibrate or exhibit any sideways movement whatsoever.  With the smooth operation of these push leaf blowers, you will have a feeling of higher quality in these wheels versus other non ball bearing semi pneumatic wheels. Rubberized comfort grip handles also reduces fatigue on the operator.  Making it very easy for the consumer to operate.

Sheer Engine Power

It is all in the engine.  This walk behind leaf blower is powered by a 205cc Briggs and Stratton OHV 850 Series Engine.  Briggs and Stratton is the world’s largest producer of air-cooled gasoline engines for outdoor power equipment.  The overhead valve (OHV) engines are designed with the camshaft housed in the cylinder block of the engine for a much more durable machine.  Promoting reduced wear on the engine, enabling long-term usage of the walk behind leaf blower.

The variable throttle control that is regulated by an electronic signal from the engine management system gives you a more precise system air control versus mechanical systems, to enable and provide engine efficiency.

This is all just a fancy way of saying that the engine is powerful, durable, efficient and built for many years of usage.

Hard Working

With a 14” high output impeller, the push leaf blower will be discharging more air pressure, which compresses the air again into the combustion chamber.  Quickly moving debris and leaves away with a 90-degree front discharge chute.  One of the most important things about a walk behind blower is the (MPH) and (CFM) of the blowing power.

This walk behind leaf blower has an air velocity of up to 150 miles per hour (MPH).  An air volume of 1000 cubic feet per minute (CFM).  (MPH) moves the debris and leafs while the (CFM) keeps the debris and leaves moving in the direction you want them moving.

This combination of high speed and high volume will perform the job and be rather easy to operate.  This walk behind blower will quickly blow even the stickiest of pine needles in long grass away.  Some leaf blowers can generate vast amounts of dust.  Fortunately, these push leaf blowers contribute very little to the particulate matter in the air, causing very little dust if any at all.

Not So Noisy

Since every person is entitled to live in an environment, free from excessive, unnecessary or offensive noise levels.  This leaf blower is under 100 DBA.  It equals to the same noise levels as a kitchen blender or a vacuum cleaner.   Therefore, you do not have the risk of damaging your ears or upsetting your neighbors with loud noise while working in the yard.  Giving you the benefit of cleaning up outside quickly and effectively but not so noisy!

This walk behind leaf blower was ranked second place from a leading consumer magazine and is much less expensive than the first ranking.

Above We having supplied you with these good leaf blowers that we consider among the most effective hand-held leaf blowers now accessible the marketplace, we expect now you can weed out the unwieldy leaf blowers among the practical leaf blowers and thus take home with you one of the finest hand-held leaf blower that’s also the most appropriate leaf blower to you personally.

The leaf blowers all above are excellent alternatives for everyone who needs to clean up property or a lawn, and they reflect the variety of alternatives available. Selecting one with a guarantee, weight and noise level that satisfies your requirements and abilities is straightforward when you find the array of options.

Things to think about before purchasing a leaf blower

We have already covered the various kinds of garden vacs and leaf blowers, but what should you think about when determining which one to purchase? When selecting which leaf blower to purchase, here is a useful check list of questions.

Just how many leaves are you going to be clearing up?

This seems really clear, but it is not unimportant. For those who are in possession of a garden that is little afterward a smaller, lesser-power blower or vac should suffice.

A lot of folks will be more fortunate with a combi or blower blower and vac, but when you are in possession of lots of leaves then you definitely will want a more powerful, longer-lasting machine to get the business done. Do not skimp on the machines, as you will regret it afterwards for those who are in possession of a big area to cover.

Would you like to pick trash up also?

If so, a straight garden vac without shredding is what you want. They are less great at picking up and keeping leaves that are wet, however they are an extremely versatile time saver.

Mains, petrol or battery – Which is greatest?

Petrol is usually something you will simply would like to really go for if you understand you are definitely going to be working. Most battery powered versions just last well under half an hour, so in case your garden is not rather small you will likely have to really go for a mains-powered unit.

Popular Leaf Blower Brands

Craftsman Leaf Blower

Take the hassle out of yard work with Craftsman leaf blowers. Craftsman leaf blowers effectively blow away leaves, dirt and other common debris. This leaves the outdoor areas that you walk on, relax on or simply want to keep free of debris cleaner and more inviting.

Craftsman makes a full line of leaf blowers designed for little jobs, big jobs, or any job that you need done right. The Craftsman name is associated with great quality at a great price. Craftsman leaf blowers give you the performance you expect from Craftsman at prices that won’t blow your budget.

John Deere leaf blowers

John Deere leaf blowers are designed to leave you with neatly cleared areas, not a headache. Low noise John Deere leaf blowers make their impact felt through the results you see, not the loud noise you have to put up with other leaf blowers. These forceful leaf blowers utilize air velocities up to hundreds of miles per hour to remove even the smallest hard to reach bits of debris from outdoor areas.

Whether it`s their convenient hand held blowers, or their professional grad backpack blowers, John Deere leaf blowers are designed for comfort and efficiency. Features such as variable speed controls put you in control of how you handle different types of debris.

Large fuel tanks on certain models and heavy duty engines on all models enable you to tackle yard work with confidence, knowing that your progress won’t be interrupted by having to refuel or deal with maintenance issues.

Kawaski Leaf Blower

Get more power with less weight with Kawasaki leaf blowers. A Kawasaki leaf blower is a high impact low noise piece of outdoor equipment designed to make the most of your time by efficiently and effectively moving debris. The ergonomic design of Kawasaki leaf blowers balances out the weight of the blowers makes them easier to manage and reduces strain on the body.

From leaves on the lawn to grass cuttings along walkways and driveways to a garage floor layered with dust and lawn debris, debris can and does show up just about everywhere. Kawasaki leaf blowers move these types of debris where you want them so you can easily dispose of them later. With Kawasaki leaf blowers, keeping up the appearance of your property is a breeze.

Briggs Leaf Blower

If you don’t have all day to clean up you walkways and driveways then you need a leaf blower that isn’t going to waste your time. Briggs leaf blowers are famous for starting quickly so you don’t have to wait to get started on you yard work. Reliable Briggs leaf blowers are rugged enough to withstand the elements no matter how much outdoor work you have to do.

Briggs leaf blowers are easy enough to use so you don’t have to be a professional landscaper to operate one. Of course after using one your yard may look like it has been professionally landscaped. Getting your hands on one of these powerful devices doesn’t require a trip to the hardware store. They can be bought online for very reasonable prices.

Ryobi Leaf Blower

It`s just as important to maintain the outside of your home as it is to maintain the inside. Ryobi leaf blowers help you keep walkways and driveways clear of leaves and other forms of debris leaving your walking surfaces safer and clutter free. Using Ryobi leaf blowers is as simple as going for a leisurely walk while pointing it wherever you want a clear path.

Professional quality Ryobi leaf blowers make it easy to direct debris into certain areas. This makes the gathering and disposing of debris much faster and more convenient. Popular models of Ryobi leaf blowers include variable speeds so you only use as much power as you need to get the job done.

Homelite Leaf Blower

What once was backbreaking work is now a breeze with Homelite leaf blowers. With air speeds exceeding 100 MPH you can spruce up walkways quickly and effectively. All of this air power is contained in a lightweight design that won’t slow you down or wear you down while you are cleaning up.

The comfortable handling of Homelite leaf blowers make it easy to take control of messy situations. The anti-vibration features also make them easier to control and less taxing on your body. With Homelite leaf blowers you can cut down the time and effort spend on yard work so you have more time to relax.

Little Wonder Leaf Blower

Put the power of Little Wonder leaf blowers to work for you. Professional grade Little Wonder leaf blowers are designed for heavy duty use. While other leaf blowers can only handle lightweight debris, these mighty powerful leaf blowers blow away more stubborn debris like heavy wet leaves.

Dedicated users have found Little Wonder leaf blowers to be an effective tool in a variety of tough work situations. Little Wonder leaf blowers are frequently used for preparing asphalt and flat roofs for resurfacing treatments and removing standing water. It`s little wonder these durable machines are considered by many to be the best designed leaf blowers in the world.

Echo Leaf Blower

Echo is a worldwide leader in hand held professional grade landscaping equipment.
For over 30 years people who care about the appearance and maintenance of their properties rely on Echo products for maximum results in a minimum of time. Echo leaf blowers allow everyone from the average homeowner to the seasoned landscape professional to achieve great results quickly and easily.

The line of Echo leaf blowers includes lightweight models for quieter operations with less effort. Their heavy duty blowers are designed to meet the demands of professionals who frequently work outdoors. These well engineered machines are designed for comfortable as well as effective operation.

Stihl Leaf Blower

With fuel efficient STIHL leaf blowers you can spend less money on fuel and less time on cleaning. STIHL leaf blowers blow away debris on outdoor paths, stairs, and driveways. Blowing debris into distinct piles makes disposing of it quick and easy.

Maintaining a clean clutter free outdoor environment is an ongoing task that requires reliable equipment. STIHL delivers the kind of professional performance discriminating homeowners and landscapers demand. STIHL gives you the power to keep your environment cleaner and more attractive.

Weed Eater Leaf Blower

Make a clean sweep of your space with electric and gasoline powered Weed Eater leaf blowers. Weed Eater leaf blowers are perfect for cleaning debris off of sidewalks, driveways and cleaning out the garage. Powerful leaf blowers blow away grass remnants and dirt more efficiently than some other time consuming tools, like brooms.

Weed Eater leaf blowers are designed for homeowners or people who work in landscaping who don’t want to drag around heavy tools. These lightweight leaf blowers are designed to reduce fatigue on the body while still providing powerful results. With affordable Weed Eater leaf blowers you won’t blow a lot of money away.


Finally, the gardening tool is extremely flexible to your requirements and it works wonders on parking spot, the yard or pavement. Really, you might feel restricted by the wire, however two or an extender can solve this problem immediately. Keep in mind that efficacy and benefit are the matters that really care when about to buy a tool that is new.

When it comes to cleaning up your yard, you want speed and efficiency. I hope our best leaf blowers reviews will to help you make the right choice.