10 Best Gas Chainsaw 2020

Best Gas Chainsaw ReviewsChainsaws are usually associated with lumberjacks if you’re going to be sawing regularly or intend to cut considerable trees, get a gas chainsaw.

Gas chainsaws are more powerful than the electric chainsaws and are ideal for heavy use.

They are particularly great for tougher occupations and larger properties and do not limit the user by battery charge time or cord length.

Top 10 Best Gas Chainsaw Reviews

SaleBestseller No. 1
Remington RM4216 16-inch Gas Powered Chainsaw with Carrying Case
  • RELIABLE ENGINE: 42cc 2-cycle gas powered engine with low-kickback 16-inch bar and chain tames medium to large-sized branches. Perfect for the suburban homeowner!
Bestseller No. 2
Husqvarna 120 Mark II 16 in. Gas Chainsaws, Orange/Gray
  • Compact, casual-use chainsaw that's designed to start up easily
Bestseller No. 3
ORCISH 62cc 2-Cycle 20-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw
  • 62CC 20Inch 2-Cycle gas chainsaw with guide bar and chain
SaleBestseller No. 4
CRAFTSMAN CMXGSAMA421S 42cc 2-Cycle 18-Inch Gas Powered Carrying Case Chainsaw, Red
  • High output engine: 42cc 2-cycle full crank gas engine with pro-grade chassis delivers steady power and is engineered to withstand tough tree , pruning, cutting, and trimming tasks.
Bestseller No. 5
COOCHEER 20 Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw 62CC 2 Stroke Chain Saw Woodcutting Saw with 2 Chains, Storage Bag, Tool Kit for Trees, Branches, Wood, Red
  • 【COOCHEER Gas Chainsaw】The powerful 62cc 2-cycle engine delivers steady power to the 20-inch bar and low-kickback chain,Reduces fuel consumption up to 20%; The engine speed can be up to 8500 rpm. Can bear high temperature, ideal for landowners and others who cut regularly.
Bestseller No. 6
HUYOSEN Gas Power Chain Saws Red Black Corded 54.6CC 2 Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw Guide bar Size 18 inchs 0.325inchs 72DL Chain Guide Bar
  • 【Unique Design:】 Safety switch protects against accidental starts. Ideal for trimming and pruning limbs and branches.
Bestseller No. 7
XtremepowerUS 22" inch 2.4HP 45cc Gasoline Gas 2-Stroke Chainsaw Cutting Wood Cutter Industry Engine Motor EPA, Orange
  • 2-Stroke Engine - 45cc engine with two stokes is perfect for cutting jobs around garden or farm; Quick Release - Quick release air filter & Automatic chain oilier keeps the chainsaw in good working condition
Bestseller No. 8
CHAKOR 58CC Chainsaw, 20" Gas Chainsaw, 2 Strokes 3.5HP Gas Powered Chainsaw, Petrol Chain Saw for Cutting Wood with Tool Kit
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY --- 58CC 2-cycle 3.5HP Gas Chainsaw, delivers steady power to the 20-inch bar and low-kickback chain,dealing with medium-duty or big jobs, such as storm clean-up, cutting firewood, and felling trees with a much higher efficiency
Bestseller No. 9
HUYOSEN Gas Power Chain Saws Corded 40.1CC 2 Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw Guide Bar Size 16 inchs 3/8 inchs 57DL Chain Guide Bar
  • 【Unique Design:】 Safety switch protects against accidental starts. Ideal for trimming and pruning limbs and branches.
Bestseller No. 10
Poulan 14 inches Steel Bar 33CC Gas Chain Saw 2 Cycle , PL3314 (Renewed)
  • Certified refurnished chainsaw powered by a 33cc 2 cycle gas engine

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1.Husqvarna 450 18-Inch Gas Powered Chain Saw

The Husqvarna 450 Gas Powered Chainsaw excellent medium size saw for the homeowner and do-it-yourselfers, the 18-inch, 3.2 HP Husqvarna 450 is ideal for landowners and others who cut less regularly.

This chainsaw reduces emission levels by up to 60% and reduces fuel consumption by up to 30%.

This gas saw also has a durable engine, an effortless startup, and an ergonomic design that helps to reduce user fatigue.

It equipped with Smart Start and fuel pump. It’s easy to start and operate.

It also offers an ergonomic design plus built-in Husqvarna features like air injection technology and a powerful X-Torq engine with low emissions.


  • Powerful 1.8HP X-Torq Engine Keeps Emissions Low
  • Easy, Effortless Startup
  • Ergonomic Design Reduces User Fatigue
  • Premium Features for Easy Operation
  • Durable Engine Built for Long Life
  • Fast, powerful
  • Relatively light
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Sometimes throws chain
  • Can plug with sawdust

Despite its small size, the Husqvarna 450 has a lot of power. The instructions provide details about how to cut down and trim a tree safely with a chainsaw, which is helpful for anyone using the saw for the first time. As long as the user adds winter-grade bar oil, this chainsaw can be used in cold weather temperatures. There is much less vibration than similar chainsaws, and that is a good thing. Smaller saw means lower weight, and this is a welcome feature if you are cutting storm damage. This lower weight is also a blessing to users who may be getting up in the years and yet love to stay active.

This is not a professional chainsaw, but it does the job for homeowners in need of a good pruning saw or one that will take care of trimming brush or clearing away storm damage or to cut cords of wood.

The Husqvarna 450 chainsaw is the perfect gas-powered chainsaw for homeowners, especially if they have a lot of wooded acreages. It is a smaller, lower weight saw that is ideal for older users or for those that have a lot of work to do. It is a durable and powerful chainsaw well worth the price.

I like the Husqvarna 450 because it is easy to start, quiet and powerful. It has an immense amount of power for such a seemingly small tool; it starts without trouble, is easy to adjust, and can take down trees like they were small twigs. It even comes with instructions on how to properly climb a tree and how to take down the tree itself. It cuts through any tree easily and always starts.

I can’t say enough to say how great this chainsaw is except seriously buy it. It’s a great chainsaw, no doubt about it. Well worth the money. I LOVE this chainsaw — no reason not to buy this one if you’re shopping for saws.

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2.Husqvarna 435 16-Inch Gas Powered Chain Saw

I have several good chain saws of various sizes and brands. Still, the smaller Husqvarna 435 16-Inch ChainSaw gets the most use for felling even rather large trees and cutting firewood simply because it’s lighter and easier to maneuver than the larger saws.

This is my first chainsaw, and I am glad I went with Husqvarna after having such a great experience with one of their weedeaters. It is excellent power and light enough to use for limbing trees without wearing yourself out! Very simple to use and maintain. So it’s the great chainsaw for the beginner.


  • Excellent power and light enough to use
  • Very simple to use and maintain.
  • Great price chainsaw for the beginner.
  • Lightweight – only 9.2lbs!


  • The carburetor needs minor adjustment

If you haven’t had a chainsaw for a while, you are in for a surprise when using the Husqvarna 435 with 16-inch chain. This saw is a great little saw with plenty of power and great chain speed. This is a great saw for small jobs. You can’t go wrong. I Highly recommend!

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3.Husqvarna 440E 16-Inch Gas Powered Chain Saw

The Husqvarna 440 E-Series is recognized as a medium-duty cutting tool, using new technology to lessen fuel consumption, raise functionality, and give consumers more value. While it’s one of the more high priced of moderate-duty chainsaws, it makes up for that in added value attributes that are straightforward.

Light duty cutting is a cakewalk for this particular apparatus as it can easily manage pruning trees, but where it truly shines is in bringing a difficult increase down. It’s a slender body, high center of gravity and flat underside, making it simpler to use for lengthy periods, although to not only steer.

The shape of the chainsaw is complemented significantly by its LowVib vibration dampening system. This helps stabilize the moving parts of the engine to lessen transmission and engine vibration, which then detracts from operator exhaustion.

This chainsaw uses the X Torq Engine On ESeries, the technology that reduces exhaust emission levels and fuel consumption. This improvement enables operators to get more use from the same size fuel tank as other versions outside of their chainsaw. This complements the already-efficient engine by removing debris and dust particles to prolong the entire life of the engine.

All in all, the Husqvarna 440 E-Series is a dependable gasoline-powered chainsaw that assures both advanced characteristics and product longevity. The technical improvements that little make sure the apparatus still provide vital worth whatever your cutting needs and will perform above and beyond expectations.

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4.Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20-Inch Gas-Powered Chain Saw

The Husqvarna 455 guarantees to be a groundbreaking chainsaw in the Husqvarna set, equipped with new technologies and improved operation and power, which ought to make it one of the most effective tools for landowners and professional woodcutters.

Like the majority of Husqvarna’s forerunner chainsaws in the Husqvarna series, the 455 is extremely user-friendly. It begins with no issues, and also you can also begin it without utilizing the pressure valve – although it is likely advisable that you simply use it for security measures. You should not have trouble beginning in even in hot or cold weather conditions.

The low shaking on the 455 makes it super easy to work for long amounts of time with it – you can forget about the numb arms you normally get when using a chainsaw that is more significant and will not feel a matter. The 455 is extremely light, and this makes it simple to maneuver as you’d likely expect from a Husqvarna.

Overall, the Husqvarna 455 offers a pretty adequate quantity of electricity for its weight, and that will not change. It can cut through most wood kinds so that it gets the job done fast at a really high speed. Highly Recommend!

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5.Poulan P3314 14-Inch 33cc 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Chain Saw

The Poulan P3314 chainsaw that is lightweight is ideal for cutting firewood and tree limbs around your premises.

The P3314 is powered by a 33cc 2-cycle gas engine and is equipped with a 14″ steel bar. Super clean air filter system, an automatic chain oiler, and primer bulb for easy starting are normal, which makes this version both cost-effective and handy. This chainsaw comes completely assembled and is shielded by a 1-year guarantee.

It has a wide range of attributes. The oiler is equipment-driven and automatic, giving the user a simpler time than they’d normally have with a manual oiler. The tool also has a diameter capacity of twenty-eight inches.

It includes an air filtering process that ensures the air filter of the tool remains clean for an extended time. Additionally, it’s a fourteen-inch long metal bar along with a primer bulb installed to make beginning the tool easier.

This chainsaw will work wonders for the common home. It is easy and light to use, generally runs easily, and is strong enough to complete jobs that are little immediately. This is the type of saw that someone would need hanging for use chopping firewood and for ‘just in case’ scenarios inside their garage.

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6.Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-Inch Gas Powered Chain Saw

The Poulan Pro 20-inch, 50 cc 2-cycle gasoline anti-shaking chainsaw, features a 20-inch pub. This isn’t the power saw that is very best, but it is an excellent tool for the cash.

It’ll cut whatever you can embrace and then some. This tool is for cutting firewood, the large material. Like all the Poulan tools, get the Carb correct tool when you get it and run free ethanol fuel, and it’ll survive for a very long time.

The’ anti-vibration system isolates the engine from the chassis, reducing vibration and enhancing security and comfort; additional security measures are ensured by the inertia-activated chain brake, which prevents turning of the chain should happen. The vehicle oiling system lubricates the chain and the bar constantly during use.

The tool also features a superb clean air filtration system dura chrome perpendicular cylinder layout; an improved pulley starting system; a reverse sprocket for simpler chain replacement, as well as a soft touch handle. This unit comes completely assembled and contains a 1-year guarantee.

The Poulan Pro PP5020AV gas-powered chainsaw is designed to provide excellent quality cutting power at a low price. With a 2-cycle gas-powered anti-vibration saw, the machine provides powerful cutting for any job – whether it’s chopping firewood or clearing away branches.

The Poulan features a DuraChrome extended life engine as well as a Super Clean air filter system that keeps the saw working longer. It also features a low-vibration handle and tool-less chain tensioning. A free case is included for carrying the chainsaw.

Unfortunately, the majority of the reviews of the Poulan Pro PP5020AV are negative, and the average rating of this product is a low two and ½ stars out of a possible 5. One reviewer was so upset as his experience with the Poulan that he said he wished he could have given it 0 stars, but was required to give it at least 1.

One of the frequent problems is that the motor becomes damaged from lack of oil even though the proper gas and oil mixture is being placed in the machine. One reviewer said this is because someone had the idea to make the chainsaw run on less gas, which then means it runs on less oil.

Another very common complaint is the chain tensioning system. According to many reviewers, this system simply doesn’t work correctly and leaves users checking and tightening the chain every fifteen minutes during a project. This can waste time and money, and is frustrating about a chainsaw that is supposed to be rugged.

Some reviewers who have experienced problems with the chain flying off and damaging the housing say that this product is dangerous and even go so far as to say it should be removed from the market before someone gets hurt. Most of these reviewers experience trouble on their first or their second time using the chainsaw. People also said that customer service was terrible and provided no help at all.

Based on the reviews of the Poulan Pro PP5020AV Gas-Powered Chain Saw, we do not feel comfortable recommending it to anyone. We would suggest that users stay completely away from this chainsaw.

Not only is it easy to find numerous problems with the saw, but it’s easy to see that it was created cheaply, and the customer service within the company doesn’t seem to care. It’s not likely that anyone who purchases this product is going to be unhappy with the performance, the chain tensioning program, or other aspects of this product.

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7.Husqvarna 460 Rancher 20-Inch Gas-Powered Chain Saw

Chainsaws are the ideal tools in regards to woodcutting. If dealing with big trees or branches, security and subsequently lots of caution is demanded. The Husqvarna 460 Rancher 60.3cc 2-Stoke X Torq Gasoline Powered Chain Saw is safely and ergonomically designed to satisfy your wood cutting needs.

It is an extremely strong and multipurpose tool for virtually any cutting job. It’s a bright beginning a strong x Torq engine, low vibration mechanisms, as well as a three-piece crankshaft. Other added features include felling marks, an adjustable oil pump, and an air purge.

The Three Bit Crankshaft is among the most effective attributes of Husqvarna 460 Rancher. This forged crankshaft ensures the region throughout the engine, as well as the wheels, are nicely protected. These regions hold the machine’s ability as well as the longer they continue, the better for you. You thus do not have to be concerned about durability, allow the crankshaft to do its work.

Overall, Husqvarna 460 Rancher chainsaw is essential-have a tool for most serious nonpros. Particularly for owners of big ranches or arborists that are often participated in trimming branches or cutting the tree. This chainsaw provides you with unique expertise. The chainsaw’s ergonomic layout will undoubtedly ensure the security of endurance and use of the tool. Do not be discouraged by higher costs. It’s well worth it.

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8. Husqvarna 240 14 Inch Bar 34CC Gas Powered Chainsaw

Husqvarna 240 is perfect for occupations like pruning, cutting lighter endeavors, and hobby work. Simple to begin and work, thanks to built-in Husqvarna attributes like ergonomic layout, easing strong and technology X Torq engine with low emissions.

The Husqvarna 240 is the little brother to the professional versions of the firm. Its small 38.2cc two-cycle engine provides plenty of power for fundamental clean-up and firewood occupations while keeping fuel efficiency, and it’s several characteristics to help prevent kickback. While it changes from the effort to try, the number of attempts was not impressive.

Husqvarna is a trusted brand for professionals, but homeowners can additionally reap the benefits of the quality components used to construct these chainsaws. The 240 has a 38.2cc two-cycle engine to produce power, and the clean X Torq gas engine uses up low volumes of fuel and generates low exhaust amounts. In the tool, the air injection system additionally keeps emissions low while preventing wood and dust particles from getting into the air filter. With routine and appropriate care, these attributes prolong engine life.

The Husqvarna 240 manages to find a balance between efficiency, security, and electricity. It isn’t a creature power saw like other Husqvarna versions but fits nicely in a homeowner’s toolbox for fundamental occupations.

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9. Makita DCS6421RFG 20″ 64 cc Chain Saw

The Makita DCS6421RFG Gas-Powered Chain Saw provides a powerful 4.7 horsepower engine. Besides, it offers low vibration, an integrated chain brake with the external sprocket.

The minimum clearance of only 23mm between the bar and outer edge of housing and guide bar is very professional, and the chain saw has an automatic half-throttle lock. With the 70-degree rotation of the adjustment screw allows easy chain lubrication adjustment.

People enjoy the power of this saw, and the lightweight factor so that they can take care of tough tasks but can wield it for a longer time. People regularly use this saw to trim tree branches and cut up fallen trees from their yards, as well as some other jobs.

One reviewer said that he was originally worried about his ability to operate the saw safely, but after trying it, he was pleasantly surprised that it was no more difficult to handle than his old 18-inch saw. It was, however, more powerful and able to cut through more wood.

Users enjoy the fact that this saw is tough without the weight, and that it is a great saw for the money. One reviewer did state that he was disappointed that there was no carrying case with this saw, but those are available for small prices and can be obtained easily.

When you need a tough chain saw to work around the house, this is the perfect one. It’s lightweight, so you’re able to hold it for a longer time, and you can power through tough jobs like pruning trees, cutting up fallen wood, and more. It’s easy to keep in great working condition with minor maintenance and care. It’s just as easy to handle like a smaller chainsaw but provides the power of a heavy-duty one.

Most users say that they would quickly recommend this product to anyone who needed to take care of light-to-medium cutting around their house. Some even say that no homeowner should be without the benefits of this saw.

Based on the reviews of the Makita DCS6421RFG Chain Saw, we’re quite comfortable recommending it to anyone who needs to handle light to medium jobs around the house and property. It’s unlikely that anyone who purchases this chain saw will be unsatisfied with the performance, ease-of-use, and the ability to hold it for a longer time.

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10.Poulan Pro 967185102 PP4218A 18-Inch Assembled Chainsaw

If you are looking for something durable and long-lasting, then the Poulan Pro 967185102 is a perfect choice. This model is ideal for odd jobs and comes with a one year guarantee. The powerful but compact engine gives no problem in any weather. The anti-vibration handle makes it comfortable to operate.

This model has an automatic half-throttle lock that enables easy starting. The chain can be easily adjusted as this chainsaw has lateral chain tensioning.

With so many features and at an affordable price, this one is certainly an owner’s dream.

It comes with a gas engine that is robust and is outfitted with an 18 in. Steel bar. It is exceptional for general landowner property.

Besides, it has an anti-vibe handle and over-modeled back handle to decrease operator fatigue. Effortless beginning system, the automatic chain oiler, as well as the superb clean air filtration system, make this chainsaw one of the greatest in its category. Additional chain and a carrying case are included with this particular version, plus a 2-year guarantee backs it.

It’s a tool that is very dependable and simple to keep. Chains are quite reasonable. You can purchase a two pack for about $30.00 Air filters, and fuel filters are quite inexpensive to replace.

The tool is also quite light and user-friendly for hours. In the event you do not need to purchase a more expensive tool, this one is not so bad; I do not intend replacing it with anything. I would recommend it to anybody.

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Things To Consider Before Buying An Gas Chainsaw

The gas chainsaws are usually large chainsaws that are normally powered by a dual cycle engine that mixes gas and oil.

A Gas chain saw has an average blade length between 14″ and 20″. These blades are durable and can finish most jobs in a single cut.

Engine displacement is another feature to look for in a gas chainsaw. It determines the power of the chainsaw. Greater power and freedom will be the main advantages of gasoline-powered tools.

On the other hand, the weight of the gas chainsaw depends on the length of the bale and the size of the engine.

Therefore, when you buy a gas chain saw, look for one that suits your project and what you can work comfortably with.


For residential trimming and cutting, these chainsaws are a perfect choice, and they are sure to be making a worthy investment.

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