10 Best Electric Chainsaw 2020

Best Electric Chainsaw ReviewsChainsaws are, no doubt a great invention, saving us a great deal of time and effort on cutting jobs.

For simple chores such as cutting wood for the fireplace, pruning branches and plants, electric chainsaws are the ideal tool.

Electric chainsaws are light, making them portable and easy to operate.

They’re great for smaller lawn chores that need less electricity, for example, trimming, pruning, and cutting that is light.

They are quieter than gasoline-powered versions, lightweight, easy to begin, and need less maintenance.

In case you’re cutting trees that are smaller or will just use your saw sometimes, an electrical chain saw is a great choice.

Top 10 Best Electric Chainsaw 2020

SaleBestseller No. 1
Oregon CS1500 18 in. 15 Amp Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw
  • Includes 18" guide bar and PowerSharp chain, which minimizes downtime by allowing you to sharpen your saw right on the chain in 3 seconds or less.
Bestseller No. 2
GreenWorks 20222 Electric Chainsaw, 14-Inch
  • 10.5 amp electric motor starts within seconds for ease of use and Reliable power
Bestseller No. 3
WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw 18-Inch 4 15.0 Amp
  • 15.0 Amp motor output delivers a more powerful cutting performance to the extended, 18 inch bar
Bestseller No. 4
WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw, 16"
  • 12A motor rotates the Oregon chain at up to 44 feet per second
Bestseller No. 6
Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14-Inch Lightweight Corded Electric Chainsaw, Black
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: At just over 6 pounds, the compact, easy-to-wield design is perfectly suited for your small limb trimming needs
SaleBestseller No. 7
TACKLIFE Electric Chainsaw, 18-Inch Corded Chainsaw, Powerful 15-Amp Copper Motor, Chain Speed 13m/s, Lightweight, Auto Oiling, Tool-Free Chain Tensioning, Protecting Case Included, GCS15A
  • 【Powerful Engine】15Amp Copper motor with metal gear delivers a high cutting efficiency , torque and a chain speed of 13m/s; Ideal for most homeowners, ranchers and DIY users
SaleBestseller No. 8
SaleBestseller No. 9
WORX WG303.1 Powered Chain Saw, 16" Bar Length, Red
  • 14.5 Amp motor output delivers a cutting performance similar to gas chainsaws for home owners, farmers, and ranchers
SaleBestseller No. 10
WORX WG305.1 Electric Chain Saw, One Size
  • Patented auto tension chain system for extended Bar & chain life

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1.Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper Electric Chain Saw

Those who want a perfect tool around the house to take care fo tree branches, hedges, or fallen logs should take advantage of the Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper 4.5 amp Electric Chain Saw.

With a powerful 4.5-amp motor, this chainsaw is capable of cutting through branches up to 4-inches thick and can easily take care of overgrown hedges or other tools around the house or property.

The 6-inch bar length makes it easy to maneuver, and it weighs less than 7 pounds, so most people can wield it easily. The saw is created from strong and high-quality materials and is backed by a limited 2-year warranty, so there is very little risk to those who purchase it.

The reviews of the Black & Decker LP1000 Electric Chain Saw are great. The chainsaw carries an average customer rating of 4.5 stars out of a possible 5. Users are very pleased with the fact that this chainsaw is both lightweight and powerful. Users say they’re able to trim through 4-inch branches with no problem. One user said it’s easy to hold and doesn’t weigh a lot.

Users are also happy about the fact that this is an electric chain saw, which means there’s no need for oil and gas mixtures. You simply plug it in and go. This makes it easier to jump in and get the job done. Users like the fact that they can cut directly on the ground rather than having to prop up the wood to cut it.

One user says that he used it to cut a bunch of branches from the backyard and that the saw went through the larger ones like a hot knife cutting butter. Overall, users seem to be extremely pleased with the performance from the Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper 4.5 amp Electric Chain Saw.

Based on the reviews for the Black & Decker LP1000 Electric Chain Saw, we feel very comfortable recommending it to those who want to handle the light cutting of branches and hedges around their property.

Users won’t have to mix up oil and gasoline to utilize the chain saw. It seems to be a great investment and should last for many years. Those who purchased this saw said they’d purchase it again or would recommend it to friends and family members.

It’s unlikely that those who buy this item will be disappointed in the quality, performance, durability, or any other aspect of the saw.

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2.WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw

The WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw is an extremely lightweight, strong power tool perfect for simple and fast jobs around your farm or backyard, like clearing bushes, cutting firewood, trimming trees, and much more. This chainsaw will not cause any dangerous emissions. Also, it’s lower operating costs than gasoline-powered chainsaws.

The pub adds stability during operation and is 16 inches long. This chainsaw additionally has a simple to lubricate sprocket on the foundation nose. This makes certain the chainsaw continues for quite a long time. With this particular chainsaw, you do not need to deal with mix gasoline and petroleum or challenging startups.

It features an automatic oiler that provides consistent lubrication to the pub and the chain. Besides, it features a 6.75-pound oil reservoir with a conventional oil level gauge.

Overall, the WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw is an extremely lightweight, strong, and well balanced electrical chainsaw. Although you need to haul a cord, you get a comparatively silent and very muscular tool with oiling and vehicle chain tensioning.

Besides, besides, it has a low kickback chain and an instantaneous chain brake. Nevertheless, it’s still ideal for multiple jobs around your residence and lawn. Among the finest chainsaws in that budget.

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3.Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 14- Inch Electric Chainsaw

The Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim Electric Chainsaw is a compact and easy to use workhorse that can handle chores quickly. This model is ideal for cutting firewood, pruning, trimming, and for smaller outdoor building projects.

It features an automatic bar oiler, and a comfortable, soft-touch rear grip to reduce vibration. The chainsaw comes pre-assembled and includes a full wrap front hand for easy handling of all cutting angles.

It also features a powerful 3.5 HP engine and weighs a mere 6.25 pounds. Remington offers a 2-year limited warranty on this model.

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4.Oregon PowerNow CS250 40-volt Chain Saw

When consumers purchasing power tools, commonly ask, is it worth the money? Nevertheless, there isn’t any guaranteed alternative to it given that every electricity apparatus features its own set of pros and cons, the Oregon PowerNow CS250 is the finest electricity device to serve your needs efficiently.

The Oregon PowerNow CS250 comes completely geared up with a 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery that gives to a considerably more running time as well as considering that its made with complex prices cell innovation, there are minimal electricity fades and additionally the battery could hold power for months up until wanting a recharge.

Unlike its predecessor, this variation is understood to provide you 66% more battery time that’s equivalent to 1000 requiring designs along with legs of 2 to 3-inch sizes or 400 tree arm.

This long-lasting and powerful power saw contains economically operating modern systems, long battery life, and sound, or also small resonances. Its powerful chain is perfect for in-home cutting and additionally cutting without the contained problems of keeping together with maintaining gasoline-run power saws.

At only 19 pounds, this modern-day thing of initiation is not heavy additionally secure and yet balanced as compared to its contemporaries. Also, it trembles less, so cutting down the user’s fatigue.

If you don’t seem to cut trees for a living after that, this design is the perfect fit for you.

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5.Makita UC3551A Electric Chain Saw

With the Makita UC3551A 14-Inch 15 amp Electric Chain Saw, individuals can take care of odd jobs around the house, from trimming overhead branches to shaping hedges. Lightweight, this chainsaw can be wielded for a longer time than bulkier, heavier machines.

It is designed for professional users on job sites or in-home workshops, Makita UC3551A is engineered and manufactured to be one of the best power tools available. This electric chain saw has many benefits that make it the best, including the compact, fewer weight features that do not distract from its power. Users appreciate the rubberized grip handles, the large trigger switch, and the large oil reservoir with a view window.

Another popular feature, the built-in current limiter, reduces power to the motor when the saw is overloaded, effectively protecting the motor and the user’s tool investment. This particular commercial-grade electric chain saw has a one-touch tool-less blade making chain adjustments easy during maintenance and while operating the saw.

It’s also beneficial in that there are no gas and oil mixtures to worry about because this chainsaw is all-electric. Featuring an automatic chain oiler, it’s more convenient than other models, and has a built-in current limiter for protection. It’s easy to see how much oil is left as well, with the view windows leading into the oil reservoir. It also features rubberized grip handles that are ergonomic in design for top-notch comfort during use.

Customers love the Makita UC3551A Commercial Grade 14-Inch 15 amp Electric Chain Saw so much that they’ve given it a perfect average rating; 5 stars out of a possible 5. Users feel as though this chain saw handles jobs that others might normally delegate to a larger, gas-powered chain saw.

For instance, one user took care of a tree that was 8-inches in diameter. Another user said until he used this chainsaw, he had laughed at the idea of an electric chain saw. However, after seeing this tough little machine in action, he was no longer laughing.

Users love the fact that this machine has a soft start, so it doesn’t jump when it’s started. Users say the quality of this saw is phenomenal and that it does everything they expected of it and more. Because the saw is lightweight, individuals can use it for a longer period and get the job done. Users say they appreciate the metal components and say that it’s built very well. In general, customers seem to genuinely like this chainsaw.

Most chains saw users scoff at the idea of an electric saw preferring instead a gas saw but rapidly change their way of thinking once they investigate the power and quality construction of this 14” 15 amp saw. The effectiveness of this saw is perfect for residential work, such as cutting down trees to make mulch or to acquire firewood. It comes with an operator’s manual that should be read to prevent serious injuries that can occur with any type of chain saw tool. Customers are satisfied with its soft start feature as well as the overload protection. Aside from great quality, they also love the fact that this electric chainsaw’s balance is very good.

It does take a while to un-kink the chain, but otherwise, the assembly is pretty easy. Another minor complaint about this saw is that to fill it with oil, one must turn it on its side, which with the oil fill bubble being on the side too, and it makes the oil fill bubble pretty useless. When Makita does a redesign, they should think about putting the fill cap on the top of the saw.

The soft-start feature is a good value in chain saws, and the quality of the construction and balance are product attributes that make it easy to decide to buy this saw. There is no reason to bother with cheaper commercial grade 14” chain saws when the Makita UC3551A delivers quality, power, and amazing ability to perform the tasks demanded of a chain saw.

The reviews of the Makita UC3551A Electric Chain Saw are just one aspect of our recommendation for this product. We feel as though this product is a great investment, and that users will get the benefit of using this chainsaw for a very long time. Those who purchased it say they’d easily buy this product again, or that they’d recommend it to friends and family members.

It’s a wonderful chain saw for users who want to cut down small trees, cut firewood, trim branches, and other small jobs around the house or property. Users aren’t likely to be disappointed with the way this machine operates or the functionality, durability, or any other aspect of this product.

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6.Black Decker LSW221 20V Max Cordless Lithium-Ion Sweeper Kit – Best Cordless Chain Saw

When it comes to chainsaws, we usually think of those big hunks of metal cutting away at large tree trunks and pieces of timber. These are jobs most suited to electric and gas chainsaws.

However, a rare find is a Cordless chainsaw, which is equally good at cutting too. For the occasional user to do so odd jobs such as pruning and trimming, a battery chainsaw could do the trick.

Battery-operated cordless chainsaws are suitable and “green.” Most models are available with a 12 to 18-volt battery and a shock absorption system.

Cordless chainsaws tend to work on both soft and hardwood. So if you are looking to do small jobs like branch trimming, then these are handy and affordable chainsaws to have around the home.

The Black and Decker LCS120 is a nice little tool that will easily prune your trees. It has a small oil tank with a thumb pump and a built-in tool to adjust the bar and chain that is right above the battery.

I have the pole saw that uses these same batteries and bought the 4.0Ah battery for extra runtime. This is not a replacement for a gas-powered chain saw, but it will compliment your current gas-powered saws for light work or when you don’t want to smell like 2-cycle gas exhaust. You need a backup battery as batteries only last about 30 minutes for each charge.

Who doesn’t like the freedom of a cordless tool? The Black & Decker LCS120 chainsaw gives individuals the ability to harness the power of a portable chainsaw without giving up the easy-to-operate yet the effective performance of a lightweight power tool. It effortlessly prunes trees, does general clean-up yard work, and can clear fallen branches.

Purchasers will find an LCS120 cordless chainsaw, a 20-volt battery, a 20-volt smart battery charger, blade cover, and a wrench in the package when it arrives. Perfect chainsaw for lawn clean-ups, taming underbrush, downed limbs, and trimming jobs. Features of this cordless chainsaw include a comfortable design; it’s lightweight yet powerful performance and wrap-around handle that provides multiple chainsaw gripping positions for the hardworking user.

If you’ve ever used a chainsaw for a big job, you know how hard it can be on your body, and you’ll appreciate the superb comfort features built into the Black & Decker LCS120 20-volt MAX Lithium cordless chainsaw. Everything about it is designed so you can last as long as its 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery.it’s lightweight enough for virtually any user.


  • No pulling to start, it’s always ready to go, just pull the trigger.
  • No gas. No plugs. No smell.
  • Battery life is very solid,
  • Very lightweight.
  • Easy yo use
  • VERY quiet


  • Plastic exterior
  • Doesn’t include oil

The 20-volt Max lithium-ion battery will provide a lifetime of use and will retain its charge five times longer than comparable 18-volt NiCad batteries without the bother of an extension cord. This Black and Decker cordless chainsaw is perfect for anyone that dislikes gasoline engine tools. Many reviewers are happy with the performance of this lightweight and easy-to-use chainsaw when doing their yearly spring cleaning.

However, the instructions received with the saw could be written in simpler terms, but other than it being a challenge to read and follow directions, once the saw is together, it runs beautifully. Perfect cordless saw for light, small jobs but not exactly built for the more traditional jobs like tree cutting.

An unfortunate negative factor about cordless power tools is that they don’t usually hold power long enough for the average trimming or lightweight job. Many reviewers recommend getting an extra battery to solve the problem.

Made with the budget-conscience buyer in mind, this cordless Black & Decker LCS120 is designed with the home lawn care person in mind who battles spring cleanups and does small chores requiring the lightweight power and convenience of a battery-operated tool to accomplish the lighter lawn tasks such as tree trimming without having to spend the big bucks on a gas-powered saw.

The Black and Decker LCS120 chainsaw more than gas operated chainsaws. Easy yo use, lightweight, and dependable for cutting down small trees and branches. It is a great little cordless chain saw! Compact enough to pack most anywhere! Uses the same 20V lithium-ion battery that all the B&D Matrix tools use.

If you keep the chain sharp and don’t try to cut too fast, this little saw will surprise you with its capabilities! Great for almost all light to medium light use. I would recommend it to all campers, grounds-keepers, and home-owners.

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7.Hitachi CS51EAP 20-Inch Rear Handle Chain Saw

The Hitachi CS51EAP is an excellent pick for commercially established occupations as it comes completely equipped with a 50.1 cc PureFire Engine that’s well-known in the marketplace for its clean, strong, and strong functionality without any excessive fuel consumption. Due to its amazing characteristics at an incredibly affordable cost of $300 on Amazon, this exceptionally complex chainsaw in its field is a must-have for your tool shed.

In regards to some power tools or chainsaws, security is a top priority need. Nevertheless, you do not need to be concerned about losing a finger because the Hitachi CS51EAP has a double post brake handle that supplies the user ease of head or cutting your hand when cutting or trimming trees.

Using a chainsaw could be tiring and energy-consuming because of which the Hitachi CS51EAP has an anti-vibration system that lowers fatigue and increases the user’s relaxation. Besides, this state of the art machine is environmentally friendly and simple to deal with and preserve due to its tool-less accessibility to air filtration, which cleans the filter of the chainsaw promptly and economically.

The Hitachi CS51EAP will never let you down whether you want to fell trees in your backyard or strategy on beginning a commercial cutting and trimming occupation. With a solid commercial degree PureFire engine that runs on a guide bar with diverse lengths as well as gasoline to select from, trees will cut effortlessly and instantly.

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8.GreenWorks 20312 DigiPro G-MAX 16-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

Cordless electric chainsaws may be a hit or miss affair. They all sound excellent. No gas-oil to deceive with, no wire, and no care to speak of. But some forfeit power or have high-priced batteries that make the idea better in theory than in practice. Fortunately, the Greenworks 20312 is an exception. It is exceptional in many manners.

In an electric chainsaw, chainsaw, not the longest available at it inches. But that medium length is sufficient to get a wide selection of tree cutting jobs done in a jiffy. It’s also simpler for beginners to manage.

One is the quantity of torque it gets out of that power plant, 30% more than older versions. One reason for this power is the motor’s brushless design. It delivers while ensuring the motor will continue longer. It is helpful that it also assists in reducing noise.

Another excellent attribute is how low the vibration level is. Throwing out “70% less” than typical does not tell you much. Suffice to say. You won’t get hand exhaustion anywhere close as fast with this unit as a similar-sized gas-powered chainsaw. Of course, since this isn’t a gasoline version, you don’t have any gas-oil to deceive with.

The Greenworks 20312 cordless electric chainsaw outline offers high-power in a well-balanced unit that has an excellent chain brake. It might be fixed without tools. And, for people who already have a GMAX battery and charger, there’s a model the Greenworks 20322. A terrific way to get this chainsaw at a fantastic cost.

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9.Tanaka TCS51EAP 20-Inch Rear Handle Chain Saw

The Tanaka TCS51EAP 50.1cc 20-Inch Back Handle Chain Saw with PureFire Engine was constructed for the commercial user who needs to be competent to cut big trees immediately.

The TCS51EAP features a 50.1cc commercial grade PureFire engine that supplies clean, strong operation with less fuel consumption.

The decompression valve makes beginning this tool simple, and sprocket nose bar, and the fender spikes supplies added control for simpler cuts.

It features automatic chain-lubrication, together with the petroleum flow rate flexible to accommodate the character of the use; and it weighs in at just 5.1kg, so time-consuming occupations can be finished with minimal exertion expended.

The TCS51EAP is, besides, easy to use with a flexible and automatic oiler and side access chain tensioning so the user can simply adjust petroleum flow to the bar and chain.

Other characteristics comprise a half accelerator choke with trigger release for simple start and warm-up, tool-less access to the air filter, a spring kind anti-vibration system for user comfort, and less fatigue as well as a powerful double post brake handle for security and ease of head.

It additionally with PureFire Engine has a 7-year consumer, 2-year 1, and commercial -year guarantee that is a lease.

Overall, I am impressed with the power, functionality, and ease of functioning. This machine is a great buy for the cash with an unbeatable guarantee.

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If you are looking for dependability, and plan to work on smaller projects, an electric chainsaw would be the ideal choice. With just a flip of the switch, you can cut through whatever you need in a matter of minutes.

To keep your electric chainsaw in good running condition, lubricate the engine regularly.

The chain becomes loose over time and therefore needs to be adjusted, while the saw teeth need to be sharpened regularly.

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