5 Best Backpack Leaf Blower 2020

Best Commercial Backpack Leaf BlowerA backpack leaf blower is an excellent tool for making care throughout the house simple and quick.

Blowers are of course perfect for clearing grass and other plant clippings, leaves or debris from around drives and walks.

In addition, they are able to also immediately clear light/ snowfall that is dry considerably faster and with less fuss than a snow thrower.

The thing you require is a well-built, lightweight leaf blower backpack that will help you cut out lots of work in your lawn or on the job site.

Since they’re usually constructed for commercial use and for bigger properties, backpack blowers have tons of blasting power yet are made to be comfortable to use for hours.

The backpack blowers actually provide the very best in ergonomics and power for medium to big lawns.

Here is our listing of the best-rated backpack blowers accessible today.

The 5 Best Backpack Leaf Blower

Bestseller No. 2
Schröder Germany Industrial Backpack Leaf Blower 5-Year Warranty Model: SR-6400L
  • Schröder USA Model SR-6400L Industrial Backpack Leaf Blower 5-Year Commercial Warranty
SaleBestseller No. 3
Husqvarna 965877502 350BT 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower, Orange
  • X-torque engine: the x-torque engine design reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 60% and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%
SaleBestseller No. 4
CRAFTSMAN BP410 32cc, 4-Cycle Full-Crank Engine Backpack Gas Powered Leaf Blower
  • POWERFUL ENGINE: High performance 32cc 4-cycle gas engine with air volume and speed up to 460 CFM/205 mph blows air quickly and efficiently.
Bestseller No. 5
Greenworks 80V 145MPH - 580CFM Cordless Backpack Leaf Blower, 2.5Ah Battery and Charger Included BPB80L2510
  • Up to 580 CFM / 145 MPH makes blowing through dry/wet leaves and debris a breeze

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1.Husqvarna 350BF Gas Powered Backpack Gas Leaf Grass Lawn Blower – 965877701

With Husqvarna being one of the biggest manufacturer of outdoor power products it is possible to be certain you are buying into a brand that is good. With a brand that is good comes quality products.

The Husqvarna 350BF gasoline powered is an actual gift in regards to blowing away your landscape litters. It’s powered by an X Torq gas engine that is made to reduce emissions and boost the fuel efficiency.

It’s an easy start attribute which is just another plus so you will not be pulling on the beginning chord all day. You may set various settings with the fan speed when you do not want much power and for the case of utilizing less gasoline. This is place to cruise control for keeping a fan speed setting.

You’ll discover it is comfortable to wear for the ergonomic characteristics including relaxation body as well as hours of use -fit strap, padded shoulder straps, padded back and adjustable handles plan to make the experience even more comfy.

It is a mid to high-range merchandise in the Husqvarna petrol-powered blower variety and will please. To sum up, I’d urge the Husqvarna 350BT to anyone seeking an excellent back pack blower.

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2.Makita BBX7600N 75.6 CC 4-Stroke Backpack Blower

If you are trying to find one of the top back pack leaf blower, look no farther, as we feel confident enough to say this unit is Makita BBX7600N 75.6 CC 4 Stroke Blower.

This 4 stroke leaf blower additionally comes with a big capacity muffler to make sure a quieter way of functioning, along with a big capacity air filter that’s simple to replace. The engine uses a 64 ounce fuel tank and enables up to 80 minutes of nonstop process, which is high mark for a product of the kind.

In the event you would like to understand what exactly are the top rated leaf blowers on the marketplace of today, we are happy to say that Makita BBX7600N is not only among highest-rated, but among leaf blowers that are finest cash can purchase. If a high end device is what you need, we consider you ought to purchase this baby, it will force you to be be really happy.

The apparatus is quite strong but casing durability too. The BBX7600N is effective at enduring an adequate quantity of normal small damage and will probably serve you with no specific care for long spans of time.

On the plus side, it is a lasting, very strong, and high quality merchandise. The durability it offers lets you clean those leaves with ease using a blink of an eye and guarantees maximum functionality. It’s extremely permanent and pretty efficient. Generally, it is one of these investments that definitely pay off, should you be in need of a top notch merchandise in this section.

A commercial engine powers the BBX7600N. To be more precise, the engine’s specs stand at 75.66 cc, and due to being a 4 stroke version, the engine is likely to continue for many years to come.

It runs on a 75.6 cc, 3.8-hp, 4 stroke commercial responsibility engine, is quite comfortable to use due to its broad straps and padded rear panel, and is the quietest blower in its category.

Also, 4-stroke engines are famous for their efficiency, together with the engine being no exception of the Makita. When the fuel tank is filled to 64 oz. you’re able to get up to 80 minutes of constant use out of the blower. An additional advantage is the fact that the engine needs no fuel blend to run.

That the Makita BBX7600N was strong. While you are able to locate blowers using a maximum air speed of 195 mph, you’d fight to find one that features an air volume in excess of 500 cubic feet per minute – 526 cfm, to be exact.

Despite truly being a back pack blower, the Makita is comparatively light, weighing only 22.6 lbs. The cushioned shoulder straps and ventilated back panel with lumbar support should not be overlooked, as these result in a more comfy operator encounter as decreasing exhaustion.

When it comes to ease of functional functionality, fuel economy and starting this is actually the top gasoline powered outside power tool. Highly recommended.

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3.Husqvarna 360BT Gas 631 CFM 232 MPH Backpack Blower

Backpack blowers are excellent for clearing more than simply leaves. One outstanding new version that’s getting rave reviews is the Husqvarna 570BTS 65.6cc 2 Stroke X Torq Gasoline Powered 232 MPH Back Pack Blower.

The Husqvarna 570BT is pure dynamite. With its 65.6 cc engine, this blower can propel atmosphere up to a rate of 232 miles per hour. Additionally, this wind speed can be achieved by it while staying less than 24 pounds in total weight.

Along with other attributes, the Husqvarna 570BT comes with a 2-stage filtration system to adapt functioning in dry/dusty conditions; an ergonomic handle that prevents a side tiring and optimizes hand control -vented framework; and comfy shoulder straps.

Husqvarna is renowned for making top notch power tools, as well as the 570BT Backpack blower is no exception. Especially, users begins easily report this blower is extremely cozy and is extremely strong. As such, its effectiveness has been also noticed by some users in clearing snowfalls too.

Overall, we’re huge supporters of the Husqvarna 570BT – it is lightweight and super-strong, and Husqvarna, a business which needs no introduction to those people who are comfortable with working outside made it’s.

So, whether you’re blowing leaves or light dustings of snow, it is an excellent blower for the homeowner or professional alike.

A robust backpack blower made for commercial uses, this Husqvarna 570BT can manage the most demanding of tasks faced by professionals and laymen alike all.

This Husqvarna leaf blower has several characteristics which make it stick out in the group, which is made for the relaxation of the operator. The Husqvarna 570BT is powered by a 65.6cc X-Torq engine that supplies for an astonishing 632 cfm of air speed and 232 miles per hour of air power.

It can handle the tension and tension, as well as the more demanding jobs which can be anticipated from commercial use. In addition, it works equally well on finesse occupations where brute strength that is blowing isn’t needed.

I’ve been impressed with the 2-phase air intake system of the Husqvarna 570BT. That makes it well suited to be used in dusty conditions for extended spans of time. Other characteristics include a side framework that is vented, and an ergonomic handle.

Overall, this gasoline gets rave reviews for power, ease of startup, and dependability.

In case you get this Husqvarna leaf blower along with three 32-oz cans of pre-fuel mixture produced by Husqvarna, consumer guarantees will soon be extended from two to four years.

In the event you are not using it for commercial purposes, this really is a good deal as you’re going to need these supplies as you keep to blow through oil and gasoline over the summertime, autumn and into winter.

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4.Makita BBX7600N 75.6 cc MM4 4-Stroke Engine Backpack Blower

The Makita BHX2500CA is a strong petrol Blower using a cleaner-burning 4 stroke motor for efficient operation. It’s among the most effective petrol blower our picks.

Powered by a great engine, no fuel mixture is required by the BHX2500CA ahead of time, which is a great edge. With a sizable tank of 17.7-oz, it can keep running for a long time.

With its great design, the machine may not be difficult to begin and cease, as well as the care is quite simple. It’s amazing that don’t need when use to blend the oil. So will cause no weariness to you personally when use which is light weight.

It’s not really weak, with many power. The engine is not difficult to begin. Only have to pull on it 2 – 3 times at most, generally only on pull and it’s beginning.

In short word, this really is very a mobile and strong leaf blower. I feel not exhaustion by utilizing it for 1 hour. As a device from the global manufacturing company with good standing, the cost is actually amazing.

One of the world’s top manufacturers of power tools takes all the hard work out of cleaning up your lawn with the Makita BHX2500CA Commercial 4-Stroke Gas Powered Handheld Leaf Blower.

The Makita Leaf Blower is an easy-to-use and lightweight blower that is also friendly to the environment, since it meets all relevant standards for fuel emissions and low-fuel consumption.

Its slim construction makes it extremely portable to handle, so you won’t suffer from user fatigue when performing even the heaviest lawn work. And it is one of the most powerful gas-powered blowers of its class, capable of producing air speeds of up to 145 mph.

Customers almost overwhelmingly gave the Makita BHX2500CA Leaf Blower five star reviews, with only 16% of total customer reviewers giving it four stars. Most reviewers said it was easy and “a pleasure” to use, since it started instantly with just one pull and was powerful enough to complete the yard work they were doing in the shortest possible time. It is also relatively quieter than comparable models (according to Makita it produces a maximum of 66.5dB of noise) but was still noisy enough to require some users to wear ear protectors to safeguard their hearing.

A few users also complained about the amount of vibrations it was producing, as well as the fact that the instruction manual seemed to have been written by someone who was not fluent in English, making it difficult to understand at times. Overall, however, all users were more than satisfied with the product even if they didn’t find it perfect, calling it one of the best gas-fired blowers to own at this price point.

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Fall is upon us, with the season comes garden clean up, and yard chores. Why leave the job undone, resulting in work that is more difficult come spring. The Makita Bhx2500CA gas leaf blowers will be a miraculous help to getting the job done.

With a five star rating, Makita BHX2500CA commercial grade gas leaf blowers were built to be workhorses.  The compact and lightweight gas powered blowers are fuel efficient with a 4-stroke engine.  Giving you a savings of up to 60% on the cost of fuel.  Engineered for a cleaner burning, commercial lawn and garden tool.

Cleaning up your yard or garage may seem like a daunting task, and one you may not be looking forward to with much enthusiasm.  If you approach your yard with the best gas leaf blower, however, cleaning up outside need not be such an overwhelming task.

Excellent Air Power

One of the most important things about gas leaf blowers is the air velocity (MPH) miles per hour, and the air volume (CFM) cubic feet per minute. The (MPH) is what moves the debris and leaves.  The (CFM) is what keeps the debris and leaves moving in the direction desired.

The Makita gas leaf blowers have an air velocity of 145 (MPH), and an air volume of 356(CFM).  This combination of high speed and high volume ensures you that the job will be done quickly and effectively.  You yourself, will be blown away with the resultsJ

4-Stroke Engine

These gas leaf blowers were built with a commercial grade 24.5 cc 4-stroke engine.  No more smoke odor left on your clothing after cleaning up outside like the old 2-strokes left behind on you.  The Makita 4-stroke engines have been designed to meet the most demanding global standards for efficiency, noise level and emissions.

There is no required mixing of gas and oil like a 2-stroke.  It takes regular gasoline, and has a fuel tank size of 17.7 oz, giving you a longer run time.  Takes 10W30 oil, and has a large oil filling port.  Easy to operate and maintain without the mess and smelly odor.

Cruise Control Feature

There is a cruise control lever built right into the handle for continuous operation.  If you have a big task to get done, the cruise control allows you to do just that without having to hold the button down the entire time.  When lever is locked into desired throttle, it will idle very smoothly when you are not accelerating.

Starts Right Up

In many gas leaf blower reviews, customers are so pleased with how easy it is to start it up.  Starts reliably and faithfully with 1-2 pulls every time. The low compression engine was designed for quick and easy starting.

Low Noise Level

Considering that, noise is a sound that disturbs or harms. That was taken into consideration for Makita gas leaf blowers.  They have a low DBA level of 67.  On a DBA measurement table chart, that is equal to the same as a household vacuum cleaner.  The 4-stroke engines large capacity muffler ensures quieter operation.

Backed By Warranty

Every Makita BHX2500CA Commercial Grade 24.5cc 4-stroke gas-powered handheld gas leaf blowers are backed by a 3-year warranty.  It covers repairs due to defects in materials or workmanship up to three years from the date of purchase.

Makita makes many of the best leaf blowers on the market, and their brand is well respected with excellent quality and affordability.

Having a 4-stroke engine enables this Makita product to blow air at decent speeds, up to 145mph. This good speed can be maintained for a prolonged period thanks to the 17.7 ounce fuel tank. With the engine being a of a medium size, you would expect this leaf blower to be slightly on the heavy side. However, it weighs a mere 9.8 pounds, making it suitable for all users.

Even though the engine is a powerful 4-stroke, the emissions are compliant with CARB Tier III, thanks to the great engineering work carried out by Makita.


  • Commercial duty – powerful engine and construction makes it perfect for professionals
  • Low compression engine  – makes for easy starting, cutting down wasted time
  • Improved configuration – better than previous models for easier maintenance and control
  • Lightweight – rated as “best in class” for its weight in this class of blower
  • Good price – cheaper than comparison products


  • Potential lack of reliability

Is This Blower For Me?

If you’re a professional, then most definitely! The Makita BHX2500CA has been designed for commercial use in mind and this has been reflected, especially in it’s engine. If you’re likely to be more of a casual user, then you’d probably be better off choosing a slightly smaller leaf blower.

Not Convinced? Here’s What The Customers Are Saying:

There’s been some praise about how capable the Makita BHX2500CA  blower is at low settings, being able to cope with smaller tasks with ease. This is aided by the length of the nozzle, some say, which isn’t surprising. People have been raving at the value for money, also, stating how at the current price tag, it’s a steal!

On the flip-side, the only obvious negative review is related to the price and how unreliable it can be. That’s a surprising criticism, considering Makita are well-known for making reliable products.

A solid leaf blower, the Makita BHX2500CA is aimed at more of a commercial use with its powerful 4-stroke engine. Current customers seem to be happy so that’s a good enough reason to grab it at a great price!

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5.Tanaka THB-260PF Commercial Grade Handheld Blower

Depend on the Commercial-Grade Tanaka THB-260PF Backpack Gas Blower to Tackle Everyday Jobs and Bigger Challenges. This is the ideal commercial leaf vacuum for anyone that is looking for a stout workhorse in a blower to eliminate and shorten your workload in a quick and efficient matter.

Innovated and created with robust power in mind Tanaka THB-260PF delivers an extreme output of airflow to ensure removal of even the most stubborn of debris and leaves.

Compelling Power

With the high level of airflow and volume, this commercial leaf vacuum can rarely be matched by any other on the market.  The Tanaka backpack blower has an air velocity of 205 miles per hour (MPH) and an air volume of 805 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

To get heavy-duty jobs done it is important to have an adequate amount of air power in commercial leaf blowers. The (MPH) is what will move the debris and leaves while the (CFM) is what will keep it moving quickly and effectively. With this combination of super speed and robust power makes it ideal for the bigger challenges.

“This is the beast of all blowers. It clears any and everything that gets in its path; it blows very hard so you might want to be careful around anything that is not anchored. This leaf vacuum does a better job than the professional landscapers used to do”.

2-Stroke vs. 4-Stroke

The commercial leaf vacuums have a low emissions two-stroke engine. It does not have valves, which simplify its construction. The two-stroke engines fire once every revolution compared to a four-stroke, which fire once every other revolution.

This gives the two-stroke engines a significant power boost and twice the power of a four-stroke because there are twoX more power strokes per revolution. It is a very lightweight engine because of its simplified construction and provides maximum performance without any additional service requirements.

“It is lightweight and you can just feel the power that this machine has. This is a serious piece of equipment and I consider it a life long investment. I am not a commercial landscaper. I don’t even own a full acre. I do own the best backpack leaf blower available…”

Cruise Control

This industrial leaf blower has a tube-mounted throttle that has an easy access control switch for the very beneficial feature of cruise control. Allowing the operator to cruise around hassle free, and using the cruise control is ideal for reducing fatigue and stress while working on large applications.

“The Tanaka fits the bill for shortening my fall and spring workload and clean-up. It is comfortable on my back and is a lot more lightweight compared to others. Starts right up every time and the cruise control is great! Hands Down, this is the best blower”.

The Tanaka Backpack gas blower is by far the best model when compared to others on the market. It has less moving engine parts with a hassle free no valve adjustment. The much larger fuel tank with a capacity of 60 fluid ounces allows you to have longer running time without having to re-fuel like with other models.

It weighs over three pounds lighter and has lower dba levels, making it quieter when compared in sound. Most importantly, it is unmatched for its high air velocity and larger amount of air volume.

“With all of the competion out there for the best commercial leaf blower, I am thankful to say that I chose the BEST one. It has lived up to all of my expectations. I own a landscaping business and so therefore, quality and power were a must. It delivers exactly what is expected. Highly Satisfied”.

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If your plan is to buy a leaf blower to eliminate leaves from a big region of property you might consider one that’s made to survive for heavy duty use. A number of the top commercial leaf blowers are geared toward continuing a very long time for people who have to keep a sizable region of property whether it’s for residence or company.

Then you are seeking a commercial variant in case you would like the finest when it’s about leaf blowers. Weekend warriors and masters alike need quality gear to do a quality job.

But, discovering which commercial leaf blower is the correct pick for you can be time consuming, mind-boggling and confusing, whether you are a house enthusiast attempting to tame your backyard, or a little yard and garden care business outfitting your workers. That is where we come in.

We compiled a curated list of our favourite commercial leaf blowers after running scrupulous reviews and culling through hundreds of products. Our picks are the top competitors in regards to ease of use, power, portability and endurance.

Who Should Use Back Pack Blowers?

Virtually anybody can locate a use for an excellent back pack blower.

For homeowners, having a back pack leaf blower means that all the typical issues related to yards could be repaired with not as much effort. While yards with lots of tree cover can be blown clear of leaves, wide open lawns can quickly be blown free of grass clippings.

If you have got a little bit of farmland, having a group of back pack blowers approximately can be edge that is husqvarnareal; you could use them to clear reaped fields of plant matter that is loose, or just use their high power air to blow mud and dirt off your farm equipment. With the right fasteners, you can even apply your back pack blower to clean out wood shops or, with a suitable system, clean out gutters without risking or climbing roofs.

What this can do for the professional landscaper is cut down in big regions, particularly on lots of tidying up. Debris and litter cans clear from a piece of property considerably quicker than rakes and brooms, conserving your energy for more important occupations.

Actually, the right back pack blower can save you from needing to scoop up any debris the right blower can quickly become a vacuum, sucking everything into a readily dis- tote that is chargeable. Since this set up works by means of your body and fits in your back, not only is it strong, but it is worlds more comfy than leaf blowers that are hand-held, helping you to take good care of everything in one pass.

Your crew’s energy can be saved by an excellent back pack set up for more important occupations, enhancing the quality of your work and allowing you to focus on details rather than work.

How to use a backpack blower

Technology has made the day-to-day life much easier, especially when it comes to doing chores. This is very necessary considering the modern day life where most people are too busy that they would rather not waste several hours of their time to do chores. One such chore is collecting leaves.

The leaf blower is a common machine in many homes nowadays. This machine will make the difference between spending hours on your lawn trying to collect leaves and other trash, or simply doing it in a matter of minutes.

The are 2 reasons why you would choose to use a leaf blower, namely; to collect the leaves together in one heap, so that it is easier to burn or collect them, or gathering the leaves in to a pile of mulch. Either case, you will need to choose the right leaf blower to enable you do the job quickly and efficiently. If you are to buy the wrong leaf blower; for instance if your lawn is small and you choose a leaf blower that is just too powerful, the result will be catastrophic since you will keep scattering the leaves every time you gather them in a pile. Therefore, it is important that you determine the correct leaf blower that will be suitable for the job that you wish to undertake, and that is in line with your circumstances.

Factors to Consider

In order to determine the most suitable type of leaf blower for you, you must consider the factors below.

• The amount of money you will be willing to spend to buy a leaf blower
• The acceptable level of noise in your neighborhood to ensure that you only buy a machine that produces noise that is within the acceptable limits
• The type of debris that you will be using your leaf blower on so that you know the amount of power your leaf blower should have
• The size of your lawn or garden to enable you determine the power of the leaf blower to buy
• The distance from the source of power to enable you determine the length of the power cord on your leaf blower
• Your physical strength to enable you determine the maximum weight of the leaf blower that you can comfortably handle

Features of a Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers have many feature which make them suitable for various jobs. Whereas some are simply basic, there are other leaf blowers that come feature packed to enable them have one or more distinct functions. Some of the features include:

• Adjustable airspeed direction to enable the leaf blower to be used for various functions
• Adaptable to wheels or backpack to allow you to use the leaf blower without necessarily being physically strong
• Variable speed to allow the leaf blower to be used in lawn of different sizes and also to blow different kinds of debris
• Long life battery to ensure that you are able to use it for prolonged periods without running out of power
• Handlebar throttle to enable you to control the leaf blowers more effectively


If you are trying to find commercial backpack leaf blowers that offer lots of electricity and lots of characteristics which make it easy to use all of these things are among the very best picks. They continue a very long time and provide long guarantees to consumers.

Whether you are a landscaping professional looking for a fresh tool that will help you out on the job website, or a homeowner trying to find just a little help with yard work, we’ll do everything we can to assist you to locate your ideal fit.